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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bangladesh seals historic win against England - now what?

Now that we have finally secured wins against all leading cricketing nations, its worth thinking if there are any opportunities to seal this occasion with items to promote and preserve before we plunge into yet another long gap before we taste the winning wines in future. Even at the time of this writing, England, the only country left to be beaten by the cricketing minnows (that is us), has already secured the Natwest Series with a resounding 144 win over the audacious Bangladeshi Tigers. No wonder the three lions were really embarrassed and waken up by the 5 run victory by Bangladesh in Bristol on 10 July.

This might be an opportunity for those who sponsor the Bangladesh cricket team to come up with say a DVD of all major matches which we consider as the milestones in the cricket history of Bangladesh. We can include brief interviews of players on their reactions and aspirations on how they felt when they won and how they want to keep winning in near future in all major cricket tournaments. Such a DVD may be a considered as something to keep for collection for numerous cricket lovers in Bangladesh as our team is yet to convert winning against major opponents a regular phenomenon. So as we wait for who knows 20 more matches before we seal a victory in the cricket pitch, we can package our short-lived ecstasies of winning and preserve it for long rainy days ahead. Also, such materials can be used to inspire nevertheless the future cricket enthusiasts and new talents that on our day, when all our batting, bowling and fielding departments click together, no force can stop us to win and we really can win, whoever the opponent is. After all, cricket - to a great extent, is a mind game, other than being a game played only by a bat and a ball. And the greatest player in the cricket pitch is your mind, which is your strength and control over your temperament is the final and most important skill required along with techniques to spot the odd balls and hit a cover drive for four.

We hope to see the day when winning becomes regular and natural to us, and other than celebrating irregular fireworks against other teams, we can start aiming for winning a series or a major tournament trophy. As Jamie Siddons continues to do his best, we can always relish our great matches when we rose to the occasion and made the red and green wave with pride. Lets get the winning Tigers DVD and watch it again and again until it becomes obsolete and irrelevant, when these wins will not be called 'historic' anymore and become day to day events.