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Saturday, September 27, 2008

GrameenPhone এর Online Customer Service থেকে . . . দূরে থাকুন

Please note:
If you cannot read Bangla, and does not wish to make you PC Bangla compatible right now, you may read the post here.


দেশের এক নম্বর ফোন কম্পানীর অনলাইন কাস্টমার সার্ভিসের বেহাল অবস্থা। GrameenPhone এর অনলাইন কাস্টমার সার্ভিসের পেইজে ঢুকতে গেলে ব্রাউজার পেইজ ব্লক করে দেয়। বলে তাদের সিকিউরিটি সার্টিফিকেট বাতিল হয়ে গেছে ২০০৬ সালের ২৯শে নভেম্বর!!

অনলাইন সার্ভিস কাদের প্রয়োজন?
যারা GrameenPhone এর ১২১ ফোন করে টাকা খোয়াতে চান না এবং যাদের বাসায় ইন্টারনেটের লাইন আছে তাদের জন্য অনলাইন কাস্টমার সার্ভিস আদর্শ। এখন সাহায্য চাইতে গিয়ে শুরুতেই এমন বিপদজনক পেইজে যাওয়া অনেক সময় সমীচিন মনে হয় না।

আচ্ছা, তাও না হয় ঘোড়া ডিঙিয়ে ঘাস খেতে গেলাম। আমার মনে আছে ওদের সার্ভিসের জন্য চ্যাট রুমে ঢুকে অনেক হম্বিতম্বির পর এক লোক পাওয়া গেল। তাও মূল কথা বলতে বলতে কী যেন হওয়াতে আমি আর তাকে পেলাম না। আমি নেহায়েৎ ওয়েবে এক্সপার্ট না। না হলে আমি হয়ত ধরে ফেলতে পারতাম।

এখন কাহিনী হল যাদের এত কাষ্টমারদের কাছে রাখার ইচ্ছা তাদের এমন করা উচিৎ কি না।


Anonymous said...

Sayeed Bhai, I've been using this service for About 1 year. Never faced Problem like you. :-s
I think problem is at your PC end.

Constructive Criticism is Much expected in Bangladesh Corporate Blog

Ahmed Ali said...

Can you please translate the issue to English. Linux & Bangla don't really go well together.

Saeed Rouf said...

@ Anonymous:
Hmm, I don't really think the problem is at my PC's end. Just do a bit of research, you'll find it, it's not really hard to uncover the security issue at all. In case you have time, you can read the comments from a number of people regarding this post which I published in two other blogs.



@Ahmed Ali:
All I was trying to say was the Online Customer Service page of GrameenPhone is not secured, and their security is expired a few years ago. So, when you are typing your mobile number and password in an unsecured page it can be easily traced by other people (who are obviously not good!). Also, the service of the Online Customer Center is not up to the mark. So, eventually, getting frustrated a customer would have to use the 121 paid service.

Nevertheless, I really appreciate your comments. Come on in. Put more ideas. Bangladesh Corporate Blog needs more talented people like you to bring in new debates, ideas, plans and strategies.

You have a good time ahead.

Saeed 8)

Ahmed Ali said...

Wow, I never knew so many people blogged in Bangla!

I still can't believe they charge for 121 (in other countries, calling the telecom is free). Also I found it amusing that there is an English option for GP help line. And the English option always gets through fastest usually to a person who has some idea what is happening. But only in Bangladesh can a company make a profit off customer service.

But in their defense internet penetration rate in Bangladesh is extremely low, so they haven't really bothered. Also its a telephone account, so the max someone can con you is your prepaid amount.

I would be interested to know what type of security local banks use for their internet banking. You should look into that.

Here's a good start for the most insecure banks:

What do they have in common? They all use the junk called PCBANK2000 (manufactured by Leads Bangladesh). Which is incapable of offering anything secure other than secure pricing. This is more alarming than GP milking customer service. Some banks are using throwaway junkware to protect our money behind their flashy counters.

Rumi said...

The main problem is gp online cs doesn't support Any browser other than ie.
While most r used to with FF. Again internet speed is another issue. In a country where internet penetration is so low, why shud a corporate invest in Onlyn Cs ?
Btw 've u tried the online cS of warid ?

Elias said...

This service is Perfectly Alright. I have tried from my HP Laptop, as well as my commonly used "Clone PC" in Bangladesh. In both cases I was able to access and receive service. Not that I needed any at the time but did so just to check out “what you stated was right”.

It is my conclusion and in agreement with previous comment of a certain anonymous that YOU ARE WRONG.

Please check your PC settings and the legitimacy of its software.

I Quote “Constructive Criticism is Much expected in Bangladesh Corporate Blog”

Anonymous said...

@Syeed :
Porlam Apnar Dewa Link Gula.

Mixed Reaction. Some Are saying that they are getting better service and Some are not. And Some are showing dat they are nothing but OverSmart(!)

"[04 : 37 : 37 PM] chemical : I know, I don’t like to give you my real name, is there any prob with that?"

Refering to this : Isn't is Stupidity ? This guy is not willing to Provide His Name...does he trying to say that he had not provided right information in His Registration Form :-s

Anonymous said...

hmm reading all above comments give me a flavour that GP is really it for gud reason or bad reason.and yes bangladesh corporate blog is getting more popular--i reckon!so mission accomplished!