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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Are you a supporter of Dhaka Warriors?

Finally the Bengali Cricket players have done it, they have successfully managed to get foreign cricket league offer from ICL and rightfully, grabbed it. I am sure in any nation such movement will surely be cheered by all because it takes our small country name to global masses, but Bangladesh, always an exception. Instead of cheering, all have brought down all types of allegations against the players as to how irresponsible the players are resigning from BCB who took them to international level in the first place. My question is, are cricket players slave to BCB, or do they have a binding contract for life? If I am offered a better job elsewhere, it is solely my decision whether I want to avail it or not, similarly, ICL, a competing league to ICC offered these players better facilities and they opted for it, it is a very sensible decision on their part. In fact, I think the training and exposure they will get playing in ICL will be lot better than thelocal BCB training and playing village cricket back here. I am astonished to see the outrage of Bengali’s against the players, many have asked to strip them off their nationality because of leaving a job where they represent the country. Now I wonder, if a Government Service holder applies for DV Lottery, and gets it, do we declare him a traitor to the country and strip him off from nationality? Our Cricket players are representatives of our country, true, but how exactly do they represent some other country considering they are playing for a team named Dhaka Warriors? To add more, those who are not supporting the players movement, does that mean that these non supporters will keep their TV off and not watch Dhaka warriors, and also not Cheer any success stories of this Bangladeshi Team? When the game will be on, all will forget the outrage and will tune on to the game cheering, I wonder, why all the negativity now, but for me, go warriors go.
Its also interesting to see the recent move taken by the Sri Lankan cricket board regarding their players who had joined ICL. Keeping in view all these, better not forget that cricket remains a big business for the sponsor companies in the region. I wonder what the corporates associated with our cricket are thinking of this development in the landscape, are they planning to change their association with the team, or is it life as usual for them or they prefer to keep quiet for a while? Lets see.
Mahboob Hossain


Subhan said...

Nicely pointed out that nationality and career are two separate things. No one should mix these two. These guys deserve this offer and they got it; unlike others who never thought of such opportunities when they played the game. People calling them traitors, rebels, razakars need to have their head checked or need to open their eyes for real.

Having said that, if Dhaka Worriers play miserably, they should apologize to the nation for their mistakes; rather than giving excuses as they did when they played for the national team.

On a different note, they should spend a portion of the money for the welfare of Bangladesh Cricket as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility!

Cheers to all.

parvez said...

Playing games and doing jobs are not same. These players spoiled the spirit of the games. We are one of the poorest nation in this world. We nourished this players year after year spending lot of money just for spirit of game and entertaintment not for business. A poet do not writes poem for money, Sattayjit Roy did not sell his wife's jewellery for merely making movie for business,. You need to understand the sentiments of supporters of poorest nation of this world. Bangladesh cricket was just blooming and 14 of them decided to leave the team without bothering these supporters. They quite all of sudden, without prior notice, without any consultation which is also unethical. On the above it is hearbreaking, not mere 'changing a job" things. A great man is he who live for eternity not for money.A great sportman plays for nation and for the spirit of the game not for offer. They are bunch of cowerd worriors who left country without giving fight. How stupid we are to support them ? History will definately treat them like MIRJAFARS one day. We are Bangladesh not Australia/England or Srilanka considering the standard of the game. How much money is really enough for a sportsman in Bangladesh when millions of people live in the slum without water and food ?

Tareq said...

Cant agree with Mr. Parvez. Cricketers got whatever they receive from the country because they deserve this. Everyone has the right to choose what is best for him, and the cricketers did that. We should be proud of the fact that our cricketers have demand on the international arena. Cant understand how playing cricket can make someone traitor. Then all the international footballers are traitor, as they play outside their country. Then Salvator Schilacci, highest goal scorer of 9o world cup is a traitor, as he left national team for concentrating on his career in Japaneese league.

In case of job, every company invests in people for making him worthy. In return, the employee give back. So if having training for national team means no one can leave, then no one should leave job, all the job leavers are also traitors.

parvez said...

"Cricketers got whatever they receive from the country because they deserve this". Please ask yourself what we get from this cricketers ? How many matches they won for our country after the test status ?

"Then Salvator Schilacci, highest goal scorer of 9o world cup is a traitor, as he left national team for concentrating on his career in Japaneese league". ICL is not like a japaneese legaue it is a baned tournament. They have no recognition and this tournement are for some businessman who want to make money exploiting the game. Please study more about ICL.

"In case of job, every company invests in people for making him worthy. In return, the employee give back". - Aftab,Shahriars, Kapalis were not Inzamam or Crain. These players given to their nation more then expected. They can do anything they like but not our players. I am not here to make argument with you. But I am shocked ! These players were just learning and were our 'choker moni". Simply it is hard to accept this fact. Father and mohter nourished their childredn for better future it doesn't mean these children should leave them when they get good opportunity. Everybody has fundmental reight to to go anywhere - yes they can leave the team. But not this way, at this moment Mr. Tareq. Cricket is a game of passion,thrills, love, suspense,patriotism......

Tasnim said...

ofcourse i support it. if cricketers can earn money by playing at IPL, why not ICL?just because indian cricket board banned ICL,one cannot question on the patriotism who are joinng ICL. even players like Kapil Dev are part of ICL administration. I don't think any Indian has question about his patriotism. Now,decisions players like Habibul Bashar who's future in Bangladesh cricket is almost blank are nothing but sensible. Happy that he make rational decision outside the field atleast. Players like Shahriar Nafis, Aftab who are young and has much to offer in this country were being treated very badly when performed bad by our administration. What are the incentives to continue the cricket when they dont get chance in national team or have been thrown out of the match if perform bad in 1-2 match?The truth is the problem lies on our administration. Our admins give no concentrations to nurture the talent. If these admins dont have any credibility to questioning others patriotism. If these young cricketers would decide not to go for it, Bangladesh cricket may enrich a bit with their performance/records. But,it wouldn't affect Bangladesh Cricket as a whole. Bangladesh Cricket future cannot be changed unless our administration perform their job with honesty, credibility,and effectively.

fathahul said...

I Support them because they are playing cricket they are not doing robbery. They are professional they have the right to choose their own career in that case who the hell we are to stop them? BCB is responsible for that because they always ignore them. they made a captain who is sleeping. Sometimes he made good run but after 10 to 15 match. Mashrafee is more regular than him. Under his captaincy we won match against UAE, Ireland who known as underdog in the world cricket. If cricketers can play in county cricket they can also play in ICL. WE don't need to know that Why Indian Cricket Board not support ICL. last 2 years they didn't invite us to play any types of cricket in their country. If Lankan Cricket Board Can give permission to their ICL players to play in club Cricket what's the problem of BCB?