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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

About Bangladesh Corporate Blog

I wanted to inform you of a great opportunity to advertise your business on Bangladesh Corporate Blog at 

It is the first Bangladeshi business blog in English language, established in 2007 and providing informal commentary, tips on branding and management, consumer experiences and insight in the context of Bangladeshi businesses like yours.

With a daily average pageview of 500 visitors, the blog attracts a steady flow of internet users from around the world, especially from US, Saudi Arabia, India –who are keen to know more through internet about Bangladeshi businesses from business bloggers’ perspectives. So this is a great opportunity for you to promote your products/services to a worldwide audience who want to know about your business from alternative sources such as this business blog.

Since this blog features mentions of more than 200 Bangladeshi companies, it is naturally very high in relation to search engine optimisation – thus making it a popular result item in Google in relation to searches related to Bangladeshi businesses, brands etc.

The rates are as following -
Top left navigation menu spot banner - Tk. 8,000 per month
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Just email to saying that you want to become a "Bangladesh Corporate Blogger". No registration, no hassle.
What is a Corporate Blog?Corporate blogging has appeared as an alternative to established modes of media. It has the immense power to bring companies, job seekers, job holders and students all in the same platform to discuss various business issues. Each blog participant can benefit from this in unique ways.
When did you start?
Bangladesh Corporate Blog at started from 14th April, 2007 (1414 Bangla new year) to announce the arrival of something new in Bangladesh’s business management and corporate domain.
What are you about?
This blog welcomes articles about the multinational, national, public, private, small and big companies of Bangladesh. Bloggers are allowed to appreciate their good deeds, criticize their false promises, expose their internal malpractices or evaluate their accomplishments. Students, general public, job-seekers have an opportunity here to look at the companies differently. It will also give management of the companies the chance to tap into the conversation public is having regarding their actions. Thus working as an alternate source of marketing research as well. The blog’s target audience consists of three groups—students, job seekers/job holders and business organizations.
What are your commercial services?
We provide following services
--social media strategies for Bangladeshi businesses worldwide
--public speaking on Bangladeshi businesses and social media
--paid product/service/website reviews of Bangladeshi companies
I am student, what's in it for me?
Bangladeshi students studying in various local and foreign universities are encouraged to discuss actions of Bangladeshi companies in the light of business administration and management theories. This will make their learning more meaningful, they are the future business leaders of Bangladesh. This blog will allow them to be a part of the mainstream discussion right from their student days.
I am a job-seeker, what's in it for me?
Job seekers visiting and writing in this blog are encouraged to cross check rumours, speculations about companies they are seeking jobs in. Job holders/executives already working in various companies in Bangladesh now have a platform to discuss and debate about management issues in various companies. All this is bound to make ‘management practices’ a much talked about issue among Bangladeshi executives.
I am manager/business executive in a Bangladeshi company, what's in it for me?
Bangladeshi companies use this blog to tap into the conversation people are having regarding them. They get clues about areas where they can improve in terms of marketing, advertising, customer service etc. directly recommended by users. They defend, clarify (even in anonymity), promote any issue raised anywhere in the blog regarding their company.
What are the rules of the game?
-No politics, no religion, no personal attacks, no pornography
-All the articles should have a relevant link with any Bangladeshi company
-Writers are allowed to use aliases to ensure anonymity so not to endanger professional/personal interest
-This blog does not have any legal entity, opinions expressed here are that of individuals only. If this blog's content benefits any student, individual, company--very good. However no offense is targeted to any company. The blog welcomes constructive criticism, debate and discussions.
-Unlike other blogs, this blog does not intend to popularize any individual. It is open to all and is owned by people who even don't know each other. So there is no 'about me' section.
-If you are not yet 'invited' by any 'admin', feel free to include your email address in the comment to this post. One of the many admins will invite you soon. Or you can email to mentioning your interest, you will be invited.
Do you offer jobs?
No we don't. But we welcome volunteers.
Who are you actually?
We are Bangladeshi nationals, a group of bloggers who haven't seen each other, blog from different countries, hold different professions and have a same vision, that is to see the Bangladeshi businesses become successful in local and global arena.
Do you get paid for blogging?
No, not yet.
Its easier to complain about the system, more difficult is to become a part of that system and then trying to change it for better. Start reading and writing at Bangladesh Corporate Blog. Lets see and write things differently, lets be part of the system we want to improve.


tpoi said...

You can have a look at this article on multinational companises in BD.


The Chosen One said...

Thanks for the input tpoi. Now we have a platform to know things we would not have known otherwise. Keep writing.

sadiq said...

I don't remember how I stumbled upon this site, but this is a great site.


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Great source of info... I'd been looking around for a while for something like this.

Will definitely be following it.