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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Allowing real time online trading at DSE and CSE

For those interested in the 'poised for growth' stock markets in Bangladesh, check out the websites of Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange. Both the websites are full of information, as they are supposed to be, and offer updated price information of issues every 30 minutes. The quality of the websites are below standard and the information could be better organized and better presented.
Trading insturctions are still executed mostly by being physically at the broker premises or over telephone. The broker systems are online, connected to the central trading software, but the request still is generated by brokers, NOT by investors themselves. There is still no mechanism where the websites of the stock exchanges could be ready to take online instructions as well. NRBs would be really benefitted had there been such mechanisms in place. Media, Military and Expats--are the major drivers for change these days. So bringing in more NRB investments in our stock exchanges would increase its liquidity. Already people are gearing up to embrace shares from telecom companies, foreign banks should follow suit. Just for your information, get ready to grab a piece of the IPO cakes from BFIC (10th June), Phoenix Finance and Investment Ltd. (24th June), International Leasing and Financial Services Ltd. (1st July), Trust Bank (15th July) and Paramount Insurance Company Ltd. (29th July).


Anonymous said...

I think the IPO of Trust Bank is going to create quite a stir. With 'Men in Uniform' entrusting their money with Trust Bank, just wait and see how many times their IPO gets oversubscribed. Don't forget to apply!!

Anonymous said...

BFIC IPO Lottery to be held on 16th July. Keep an eye on

Phoenix Web Design said...

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Phoenix Web Design said...

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