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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Banks target students as cash calves

Eastern Bank Ltd. has inaugurated its first student service centre at Dhanmondi branch premises in the city recently, says FE. Students can open their student file here, which is mandatory if anyone wants to go abroad for higher study.Students can get information to open their bank account named campus account. They can also get information to take debit and prepaid cards here. BRAC bank is the other one which is directly competing with EBL in this student market. Both the banks have been generous in giving away credit/debit cards to students in easy terms. They realize that this is a market where number of students is huge and these students are in the pipleline to become regular user of the banks when they graduate and become executives/businesspersons. Very well laid plan to allure the 'dJuice Generation'. Lets keep an eye on how EBL and BRAC keeps the students happy. No wonder these student 'cash calves' might just become the 'cash cows' for the banks when they grow in near future.

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