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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Warid's Marketing Team

I find opinion posted by "Red & Green" about 'Warid and 786' has strong appeal.

In addition to Warid's market segmentation based on spirituality and Islam....I want to say two things:

1. First of all: Warid's latest campaigns display: "Now 24 Hours - 25 Paisa". The font size of "25 Paisa" is too big to be misguided to overlook "Per 15 seconds". This is a kind of unethical marketing practice. Because most people would read this as "25 paisa / min". Moreover, this is an used method. Citycell used this type of communication 2 years (approx) ago.

2. Another thing has come to my observation. Warid is spreading too many slogans at a time. like: "be ...." Probably I myself found more than 05 slogans. If a brand is positioned with multiple slogans within same segment with same products, you know, marketing people outside Warid would naturally be doubtful about marketing people inside. Either they are not competent, or they are not allowed freedom to work!

1 comment:

chacha mia said...

Yes I think Warid's brand positioning aims to encourage users to 'be this' and to 'be that' etc. some good adjectives after 'be' does the job. And all this 'being heard', 'being young', 'being passionate' etc. is possible only when you talk using Warid's network. That is the message I guess. Is this the same in Pakistan, where they had been very successful?