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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Worried by Warid's Recruitment?

Warid's recruitment seem to have been done in the most quietest manner. Their website holds stale information about job vacancies and I remember only one advertisement in the newspaper sometime back in November 2006. Some say that they give preference only to internal references. No mama-chacha, no job. Also the management has a keen eye for beauty, more or less 'smart', English/Benglish proficient, eye-candy uptown girls are given job offers sooner than their male counterparts. That's the recruitment Warid ishtyle!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well...........about warid's ishtyle of recruitment.....Thats unfortunate but ISNT IT ALWAYS like that for A BEAUTIFUL,SMART,ENGLISH/BENGLISH PROFICIENT,EYE CANDY UPTOWN GIRLS with an additional value of MAMA OR CHACHA...these adjectives shades-off the Brain...the deserving candidates...both female and male.