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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Radio Today's market opportunity

Finally the return of the radio through the launching of Radio Today 89.6. No wonder the folks are doing a good job. Recently they have expanded their transmission to listeners in Chittagong as well in a different wave length. Two observations regarding Radio Today, firstly I think their 'Aktel Dhakar Chaka' update is most of the time unreliable and there is nothing more than mentioning that the whole Dhaka city is clogged and 'gari gulo theke theke halka chaaper srishti korche', it has become useless to know what we already know again and again. Secondly I propose the Radio Today management to target the auto-rickshaw drivers in Dhaka/Chittagong with a tiny portable radio set. A great market awaits radio makers, Radio Today and the advertisers through the radio channel. Installing radios in the CNG auto-rickshaws might open up avenues for all and the passengers can enjoy the music and news too. What do you say?

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