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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Desh desh desh BanglaLink er desh

I don't know if it would be fair to say or not, but I think GrameenPhone lost the brand affiliation it had created with the national flag of Bangladesh, when it used to use the red and green logo resembling the red and green flag of the country. The brand of GP was instilled in consumer minds in such a way that anything with the color red and green, anything related with Bangladesh reminded of GrameenPhone. However now it seems that we are served more by a 'blue-colored-fan-looking' Norwegian telegiant rather than someone of our very own. This brand vacuum created by GP has been perfectly spotted and utilized by maverick BanglaLink. Their use of the 'tiger stripes', their brand name itself etc. been successful to some extent in associating their brand with the core values of Bangladesh. Anything related with Royal Bengal Tigers, anything orange, anything 'dorakata' recalls BanglaLink, not GrameenPhone. BanglaLink is also intelligently promoting itself by means of beautification projects of the ZIA and the Cox's Bazar beach. When a foreigner lands in Bangladesh, she is greeted by BanglaLink first, if she tours down south to the beaches, she rests under a 'tiger stripe' umbrella, so that when she returns back home, she becomes a 'brand ambassador' of BanglaLink. Their good use of 'rickshaw plastics', 'push-pull' door stickers, local area direction boards etc. are evidence of their 'use-based visibility' strategy which is working pretty well.

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