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Friday, May 11, 2007

GrameenPhone welcomes Warid Telecom

GrameenPhone published an ad in today's dailies welcoming the arrival of Warid Telecom. Good gesture from GP where a magpie-robin (doel pakhi) is seen in the ad. Warid has already started announcing its presence with catch-phrases 'be heard', 'be passionate', 'be united', 'be young' etc. Good job Warid. Who knows the next ad from Warid would be that of a dead magpie-robin lying on the ground with an arrow hit through it, tagged...'be shot, be hurt and be dead', courtesy Warid Telecom. Just a funny thought from me, food for thought for advertising firms, a fighting thought from Warid and a fearful thought for GrameenPhone.

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