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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bangladeshi TV Channels in West Bengal

In my personal opinion, the quality of the Bangladeshi private TV channels are far better than the ones broadcasted by our Bengali-speaking friends across the border. I have heard that there is demand in West Bengal for music and literature practiced in 'opar bangla'. Inspite of all this, it is anticipated that Indian satellite operators are united on the issue of restricting access to Bangladeshi TV channels. For reasons known to more or less every Bangladeshi, they do not want to encourage viewing of 'our' channels like Ekushey TV, Channel i, RTV, Channel 1, Bangla Vision etc. I want to know what our media policy-makers are doing on this front. Resistance is out there, so is apprehension and competition. But we need to think beyond our borders to broadcast 'our' culture, 'our' style of living life. This penetration into the fortress of the Indian West Bengali viewers' minds would go a long way in cleaning up some of their misconceptions about Bangladesh, which is largely fed very diligently and regularly by Indian media in general. Common misconceptions include, we read and write in Urdu, we marry four times, we keep beards, all women wear burqa and the numbers are increasing, we love Pakistan and hate India etc. etc. So a call to our TV channels, you are doing good, you have good quality, just act local and be global. Time to payback the cultural invasions.

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