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Monday, May 14, 2007

JCI Against Youth Smoking

JCI Bangladesh Dhaka East is organizing a drive against `Youth Smoking'. To promote this cause a number of events have been planned throughout May 2007 including cartoon drawing & photography competition for the youth. We are taking strong initiative to increase awareness & enforcement of the existing anti-smoking legislations. Authorities at the different colleges & universities shall be approached & requested to implement anti-smoking policies on campuses and to make their campuses smoke free.

Check out this site for activity updates and other resources:

If you want to do your little part against youth smoking you can help in the following ways:
(a) We need to hook up with as many organizations as possible and if you know someone who could be of great influence to Bangladeshi youth, talk to him/her and ask to give a comment and a picture (this can be uploaded in the blog)
(b) Forward the link to your friends, colleagues, cousins and peers for wide circulation.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Indeed a very good initiative by JCI East. I hope the campaign becomes a success!