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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is your business a corporate netizen yet?

I realised pretty late until today that none of the websites of leading Bangladeshi companies have a website in Bangla language. Do you think why or why not companies should have websites also available in Bangla? Open for debate.
Do our companies still consider Facebook to be a tool to connect with 'friends and family' and not with consumers? Do our companies maintain any 'fan pages' in Facebook and other leading social media websites? Why or why not?
Do our companies have a video strategy in major video sharing websites such as You Tube or Tube Mogul?
Do our companies consider Twitter as the tool to send periodic updates (Tweets) straight to consumers' handsets (of the followers?). What about sending tweets as job updates to its followers? I note that some intelligent people have already booked the user names of grameenphone, banglalink in Twitter. I hope they are company insiders, hoping to formulate a digital media strategy for their companies in near future.
Do our companies consider maintaining an internal employee blog, CEO blog or a blog where consumers could interact with them directly?
Just putting up a static website has become so obsolete for today. Interaction and individuals are at the core of today's internet based business strategies. The sooner and the quicker companies can leverage internet for their business objectives, the better they can outperform the competition.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What is your special power?

How fond were you (or are you still) of Superman, Batman, Spiderman and all those ultra-cool characters with special powers? What is so unique about them other than the fact that many of them wear loud-colored under-garments inside out, a fashion statement many of us would not dare don in public. Notwithstading the fact that they are all fictituous characters, they all have atleast one unique characteristic which makes them stand apart from other mere mortals. Say Superman could fly and move mountains with his own hands, Spiderman climbs up and down buildings with ease, Batman can hang upside down (!) etc. I wonder though if they have ever applied for jobs in Bangladesh, if they could mention all these extra-curricular and super-natural activities in their CVs or not. Nevertheless, the point to drive home is that all of us must be having atleast one super power which helps us stand apart from the rest and the question is what is that and how do you find that and how do you nurture that?

It is argued that if you cannot describe in one sentence what you do for a living, perhaps you should have a second look at what actually you are doing. When we meet someone in business meetings and events and when we say 'Ami Grameen Phone e achi', or 'Ami BRAC Bank e kaj kori' or 'Ami Square group e director'....the next question that comes to my mind is...'so what?'. What is the big deal if you are in GP, BRAC Bank or any other small or big so called branded companies? Your being there merely does not say much about YOU, what matters perhaps is what your value addition there is, in other words, your superpower. I am sure those 'big' companies must have hired you for that special super power of yours, not merely by your looks, family relations or any other things.

I have met a few 'enlightened' supermen who did actually replied during introductions that ' I am a managing director of a company called XYZ which helps build better houses', or ' I look after peoples happiness and salary at work, I am an HR Manager at ABC'. Other than associating your superpowers with mere designations and job roles, think about what your unique value add is in terms of a general business executive, manager and perhaps mention it in your 'Career Objectives' section in your CV.

After all, not wearing red undies and not being able to see through walls does not mean that you are not a super-hero, you certainly are...its just that nobody knows about it, you haven' t thought about it or you haven't made a super appearance through your CV or your conduct at work. The stage is yours. We are watching.