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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nestle provides drinking water in village schools

Nestle Bangladesh Limited (NBL) has taken initiatives to ensure good life by providing clean drinking water in a few village schools.Under the programme, NBL has invested in drilling tube well and constructing water tanks in Bhawal Mirzapur Haji Jamir Uddin High School (MHS) at Gazipur Sadar to store clean drinking water, and ensure its students' regular access to water.The project also includes education programmes to teach the students about the importance of clean water, the need for water conservation, and how clean water links hygiene, health and well-being. NBL Managing Director Carlo Cifiello, in his speech on the occasion, stressed on the association of Nestle with hygiene and good health. He emphasised NBL's commitment towards continuing such corporate social activities, and said, the organisation hopes to provide a number of such projects within this year in Gazipur district.MHS managing committee, teachers and local elite appreciated the NBL's initiative. Good move by Nestle, but many a times all these acts of CSR work as an eye-wash to cover up misdeeds done in the backscene. Drink clean water and adulterated baby milk, doesn't go very well together does it?

1 comment:

Krisoks said...

May be nestle will go for bottled drinking water project. In this location they will setup a water processing and bottling plant in near future.