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Saturday, May 5, 2007

Next Match Between Rangs Vs. Rajuk

So now it has become a question of prestige for RAJUK whether they can demolish the gigantic Rangs Group headquarters in Bijoy Sharani or not. Its obvious that there had been misconducts in both RAJUK and Rangs atleast a decade ago when the conglomerate went on building its corporate base there. Now in changing times with Fakhruddin Baburchi as the main cook, many dishes are appearing bitter, sour and stale for 'big bribed fishes' in RAJUK and Rangs. So does RAJUK keep mum about Rangs, let it stay tall there and keep on destructing 'not so powerful' corporates? Or does it bring it down to make the road connecting Bijoy Sharani to Tejgaon? A must watch episode for the audience.Stay tuned!

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