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Saturday, May 5, 2007

World's Local Bank Without ATMs

HSBC claims to be the 'world's local bank', well it does not apply in the case of Dhaka city I guess. I have heard that the bank emphasises more on corporate clients rather than on retail ones, so the scarcity of the bank's ATM's across the capital city denies its punch-line that its 'world's local bank'!! It should have had ATMs in almost all the major localities in the city whereas it only has a few. This evening I saw a huge queue at the bank's Gulshan-1 ATM. Pretty discouraging view indeed. Comparing to ATMs provided by say DBBL, StanChart or Brac Bank, HSBC is far behind. So retail customers could keep in mind their conveniences when they plan to bank with HSBC.


Good Samaritan said...

Have noticed some new ATMs coming up from HSBC around the gulshan area. Don't know about other areas though. Let's hope they are trying to take care of this issue.

Anonymous said...

The one you have noticed around Gulshan is the reincarnation of the one that got demolished in Banani (near Ecstasy). So HSBC seems to have no plan yet to introduce more ATMs, rather it is busy saving its handful of ATMs. World's local bank....what a joke!

Anonymous said...

So HSBC opens up the Customer Service Center in Gulshan 2 near BFC. When are they planning to tie up with Dutch Bangla Bank so that the former can share the latter's largest ATM network in the country?