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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Railway staff, IT firm collude to embezzle ticket money reports that some railway officials allegedly siphoned off over Tk. 6 lakh from ticket sales at Joydevpur junction alone by tampering with the ticketing system with the help of an IT firm. The officials, aided allegedly by Daffodil Software Ltd. that maintains the electronic ticketing system of the Bangladesh Railway, had sold tickets only to show them 'returned' in paper between September 2003 and March 2007. BR is now blaming Daffodil Software Ltd. for tampering with the electronic ticketing system, a charge the coordinator of the IT firm has refuted. A memebr of the probe committee, seeking anonymity, told that neither the railway staff nor the Daffodil Software could embezzle the proceeds alone. Therefore any change in the sales cannot be affected without the help of the system managers of the Daffodil Software. Corruption in IT industry, usage of IT for corruption, Daffodil shows the way to use IT differently!

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