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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sue kar (part deux)...The Al Vida Chronicle

The situation is a bit messed up. Grameen Phone’s hot seat of the CEO is too hot to handle. No CEO can park his bottom on the seat for too long. Wickets keep on falling one after another. Now our good old friend Unders Pants Tansen also decides to quit the prestigious (?) job of heading Telenor’s most profitable venture in the world. Seeing this in the Doinik Norway, his friend and colleague Arse Norbor calls him up to investigate what happened.

Unders! God Morgen! What is this I am reading? Why the hell are you being a chicken damn it?
Arse, don’t be one please, I am not in a mood to play chicken with you….leave me alone
What leave me alone, Jeg savnet deg så mye! (I missed you so much) …do you realize what you are doing? This is Grameen my friend, this is where we have put all our focus on, this is from where we are channeling out most of the money, and this is where we might end up having a sovereign small state around Gulshan area you see…or start a TV channel by our name etc. So think before you throw…
I understand Arse, but I am too good looking to hang around in this city…I want to go to Hollywood…or atleast try Bollywood, many have tried, my Aussie cricketer friend Brett has also tried his luck there, so I want to follow suit.
Ahh…stop kidding Unders…I know for a fact that you are being a chicken….why are you giving such a knee jerk reaction to the fate of your StanChart friend Gasman Furad?
What do you mean…?
I mean what I mean…Gasman Furad is going to face an arrest…that stupid lady…Mafsana or something….sued StanChart and Gasman for that car loan thing…but what is this 'sue me sue you' culture building up there huh? That old noble bugger has set up a bad trend to follow for the people of Bangladesh…sue and become famous and put is in deep shit….so I think you are being afraid that someone will warrant an arrest for you too very soon…
Don’t talk non-sense, how many pints did you endure last night? Wake up….I am not afraid of anybody, I haven’t done any crime, why should I run away? Moreover, StanChart has a reputation any ways for eating up people’s money in the name of saving it up...poor Gasman…
But Unders, don’t you think you are planning to quit too early too soon, I mean keeping in view our special IPO cake that we are about to bake…its party time mate, time to blow up candles and make merry..don’t you realize?
I know..I know…but I can sense something like a big mess coming up in the guise of all this hoopla…so I think its better that I call it quits and join Bollywood…run around trees with Priyanka or Deepika and become a star..and sing Om Shanti Om.
You are…..any ways…but which means we will have to look for someone who will be put into that hot seat in your place…more work for us.
Doesn’t matter, give him some extra money before he comes so that he can pay some more fines for unforeseen activities we committed, you never know the mood of the Major General in BTRC.
Yeah…I know what you to you later
Chal chaley…apne ghar…ay mere…hamsafar… and now your Hindi prowess…
Al vida…al vida…ab kehna aur kya…jab maine keh diya…al vidaa…
Up your !@#$% (hang up)

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