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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blogs in contemporary Bangladesh

With the inception of Internet and the rocketing growth rate of Internet users in the country, Bangladesh is starting to see a new trend in sharing ones opinion to the mass called blogging. Although blogging is yet to be popularized like the traditional media, the growth rate shows that it has created a pool of Bangladeshis who love to express themselves online.

Moreover, in a dynamic informational era like ours, blogging can always be a fast complement to the traditional media for disseminating information, marketing products and services and even for different social activities.
In addition, its interactive nature gives way for people to connect to each other; share and understand different perceptions, and learn about the different con-current issues. For marketers, it can also be a touch point; a mode to inform consumers in details about product benefits especially for durable consumer goods. Blogs can, at the same time, be a great means for marketers to learn about and from consumers’ experience about their products and services. Moreover, for marketers who want to target into the niche market, blogging can be a very fine and effective communication means.

Although blogging has become a part of the mainstream western world; it is yet to create the same platform in Bangladesh. However, it has become a well-accepted notion within certain group of people and is slowly spreading its wing into the mainstream.


Red & Green said...

Nice little article Fareeha. Thanks for realizing the potential business blogs hold for the Bangladeshi businesses, companies. With an internet penetration of only 0.4%, blogs do remain a far cry as of now, most of the companies are yet to adopt the concept of websites even. Nevertheless, there are always some early adopters who can foresee the merits of having a blog which can complement a ready website. We are also counting on them they would start implementing this unique business tool to interact with their consumers on a more informal and personal level. By the mean time, carry on your smooth writing.

maidul said...

currently 4 out of 100 people are using internet in Bangladesh.Blogging gets its popularity slowly in Bangladesh.We can work on it.Try Facebook,twitter and other socal networking sites to spread this.