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Thursday, September 25, 2008

An Excellent Opportunity for the Zealots of Branding

Many of you are probably aware of the fact that we are looking for ways to uplift our country image to the other nationals. Because when other nations think of Bangladesh they think of a poor, corrupted. racist country, which in fact we are not. Fortunately some people have understood the downside of having a bad image, and they stood up to depict a different side of Bangladesh to the world. Brandzeal, a leading brand consultancy firm of the country is quite vocal in this matter. I have personally worked for Brandzeal for the first Bangladesh Brand Forum as a student. And I attended the 2nd Bangladesh Brand Forum as a professional. And I have actually witnessed the zeal of branding this country and uphold the positive images of this country in those seminars. Besides Brandzeal is working a full-fledged brand consultancy firm which provides consultancy to several renowned firm in our country. The monthly publication of Brandzeal has become the HBR for the brand enthusiasts and professionals in Bangladesh. And recently Brandzeal ahs taken the commanding role by introducing Brand Award for the first time in Bangladesh, and so I can tell you strongly that in Bangladesh, Nokia is the best brand and Coca-cola is not even in top 20 list.

Now Brandzeal is offering a great opportunity to be part of its team and its endeavor to young, bright and energetic people like you, who have passion in branding and brand marketing. This is a good opportunity for those like to be the part of Bangladesh branding and numerous other projects Brandzeal is taking. I am sure many of you will be interested in this career, so I am posting it here. Click on the image on the right for details:


Ahmed Ali said...

How did this blog change from a normal business blog to a where companies can post job applications?

I don't care how big or start-up or indie your company is. Its there to make money and this is not the place to put your job applications.

Tanvir said...

well i m sorry if I hurt your feelings here. I just thought it might be a good opportunity for the business related bloggers as well, because many of them may think like the company I talked about and might be interested to join there. thanks

Ahmed Ali said...

We get it. But we don't come to this site to find jobs. Its it find something insightful. And this will change the entire direction of the blog. Yes it may be insightful but its still steering away from the point of the blog.