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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

On whom the axe falls

Hi. We are back again. I was away due to some personal reasons. Infact I got married. I am learning new things about life, as I am learning new things about corporate blogging and corporate buzzwords. The latest one which I heard is ‘hiring freezing’.

One of the leading telecom operators of the country has supposedly gone in the ‘hiring freezing’ mode in a bid to right-size its employee strength to meet the current market competition. Survival of the fittest it is going to be from now on. The 2000 something contractual employees who managed to get under the nice little blue propeller are passing days in uncertainty and confusion. No one is spared from the scrutinizing lenses of the big bosses up above. Time to say au revoir to the happy mama-chacha references and the happy days at the work desks. Roaring tigers and ‘not-so-worried’ other telecom operators are making sure that the blue propeller does not blow wind too strongly under their nose.

I still wonder in this freezing cold in the Bangladeshi job market, where else will the unlucky ones seek, search and settle their bread and butter? Which industry will accommodate the left-overs of the telecom industry? No idea yet. TBS. To be seen.

1 comment:

Tauseef said...

Congratulations on your wedding R&G! Anyway, I have been hearing about these for sometime now, and also to add to that, full-time interns working under the propellor are getting no compensation!!

My suggestion to the new graduates would be to be a little less demanding, and settle down for new industries. Hey, we have so many new Airlines, I think we have much opportunity there!!

Finally, this is the best time for the government to attract the country's best talents, and use their talents for something good! Patriotism development is a must now. Why do we have to rely on 4 telco's to produce nice television ads and make us feel good about our country!!