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Monday, January 19, 2009

We have bought the media

Some 70 employees of Grameenphone, a private sector mobile phone company, yesterday alleged that they were victims of 'illegal mass retrenchment' by the authorities.
Addressing a press conference at Dhaka Reporters Unity in the city, they alleged that the authorities concerned sacked them illegally on December 31.
Barin Ghosh, one of the retrenched staff of the Grameenphone, said that Abdus Salam Bhuiyan, representative of the Human Resources Division of the company, asked some 70 staff of the Grameenphone to attend a meeting on December 31 when they were asked to sign on a white paper.
But, he said when they questioned as to why they would sign on a white paper without knowing about its contents then the official told them that they were sacked from service of the company.
Barin Ghosh added that they protested the action and told the official that they would express their grievances to the media convening a press conference. Then, he said the official told them that they would not get any benefit by letting the press know about their retrenchment as "We have bought the media by providing advertisement to the tune of lakhs of taka. So, your news would not be published or telecast in the print and electronic media".
Barin Ghosh informed that 1200 to 1500 staff of the company were sacked illegally over the past one year.
They alleged that the Grameenphone company was involved in various types of corruption including scandals relating to housing society, high officials' involvement in parallel business, construction of installations and mass retrenchment of its staff and illegal voice over internet protocol (VoIP) business.
The retrenched staff of Grameenphone demanded of the authorities concerned for reinstating the sacked staff members within seven days, handing over the management of the company under government supervision, constituting a neutral judicial investigation committee to investigate into the corruption of its high officials and their punishment.
They also urged the Anti-Corruption Commission to investigate into the internal corruption of the senior officials of the company. Otherwise, they warned that they would wage a legal fight against the action taken by the company against them.
The press conference was also addressed by Nargis Sultana Parvin, Sikandar Abu Zafar, Alok Kumar Biswas and Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain.

We all knew it was in effect, but how long did it take a newspaper to mention it? It was published in The Independent. Maybe people will start to rethink all their choices when its packaged in Grameenphone gift wrap.


fareeha's journals..... said...

Why would the Grameen Phone authority ask the sacked employees to sign on a blank sheet of paper....that is very unprofessional....

Anonymous said...

I am very shocked to see that leading company in bd has done unfair judgment with their in the sametime they won't express their opinions abt gp while they were in gp.they are expressing it when they are sacked if they are really good person then they should leave the job earlier aftr seeing this corruption in the company.

Liton said...

I am also very shocked to read all the bad issues by a non managerial knowledge by HR, They does not know We Employee can fight for company, work for company , make good will for company .If really Grameen Phone HR did this , Pls go for legal action and I will say to all this is the time to go Govt related department to judge the subjects.

And Pls call a meeting to all employee of whole Bangladesh to Dhaka, We all employee will not work such kind of companies .

I and all honored good employee and citizen will be with us.

One multinational company also did with me to hold his g........ on my head.

I will tell all Honored senior citizen of Bangladesh and anti corruption to take check all of that companies a/cs to HR related issues, Where they are keeping Employees right or not ??

I have a lot of record where my X- firm make Bangladesh a fool to show their thump,

As a Bangladeshi and Tax payee to Govt ,we cannot tolerate this all nonsense work by unprofessional and illegal operation by they bad companies.