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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hope Win wins! Hope Agriculture wins!

I guess it was back in 1994 when Agricultural Science was introduced as an elective subject for SSC examinations in Bangladesh. I, along with my rebel and restless classmates, remember raising eyebrows and teasing the fact that we will have to learn now how to cultivate land and milk cows! 15 years is not a short time, but if I remember clearly, boys were supposed to study Agri Science while our 'homely' female classmates were seen heading for the Home Science subjects. They were supposed to grow up to be specialists in cooking tasty food, sewing baby clothes and manage overall households. Whereas we, were supposed to invest a significant portion of our knowledge, time and expertise in agriculture of Bangladesh when we grow up. We were I guess too young to realise then that Agricultural Science was more than just another subject to clear in SSC, rather it was the science about the very backbone of Bangladesh's economy, its existence. I hated to learn about the symptoms of ranikhet disease of poultry and we had a good laugh when a truant gangmate boasted off drawing an image of milking a cow in the exam paper. I don't remember any of us ever wanted to become educated farmers or even venture anywhere near the agricultural services, produces or any related area when we grow up. Such was our allergy, such was our notion, such was our prejudice.

Its certainly an eye opener that there are still innovative entrepreneurs who are showing the way not only to young generation but to other entrepreneurs as well...the value and merit of agriculture related businesses, startups and services in Bangladesh. Win Inc. is one of such companies who has invested their interest and expertise in collecting, collating, validating, digitising and distributing latest, timely and tested information on agriculture, fishery, poultry, livestock covering more than 80 items...all in Bangla. They have set up an impressive collection of this knowledge at which can be termed as the digital gateway to agri-information in Bangla. The company also works as the content generator for agri-information to be collected and used by rural farmers, through the Community Information Centers of Grameen Phone, all around the country. They are also providing information to Banglalink's 7676 Jiggasha helpline, which is an agri-call center. Such noble has been the companies dedication towards this line of business that they have recently been nominated for an award in the e-agriculture category in the eIndia 2009 conference in India. Would be a good gesture to vote for Win, who are showing how agri information in Bangla can not only be a successful business model but also has the ability to serve numerous farmers of Bangladesh by providing them with timely and accurate information on their crops, livestocks, etc.

I still remember attending Agricultural Science classes in school and think it was a great opportunity wasted. Seeing companies like Win Inc. making sense out of this is a great learning and realisation too. I am sure we needed to hone our skills and knowledge with something that is more relevant in the context of Bangladesh. Agriculture that is. Hope Win wins in eIndia and in every other venture.


shopnobaz said...

Feel very proud for them.

Rumi Ahmed said...

Nice Post.
All of us used to Take Krishi Biggan (Agricultural Science)for easily securing Letter in a subject, as it was easy to get Letter in this subject.
IMO, it was we as well as our Teachers who failed to taught us the objective...

Voted for the Ruralinfobd...

Thanks for bringing into notice shehzaad bhai.

remi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
remi said...

Thanks Shehzaad Bhai for your nicely elaborated objective. And we (Win) are proud to have you in our side.