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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Renaming for a Digital Bangladesh

Do you have a new born? Do you know someone who has a new born? Do you dream of a Digital Bangladesh? Do you believe that names have an impact on how the baby would behave when it grows up? Then waste no more time, go nowhere else...some of our creative brains have proposed some innovative Digital Bengali names for our new borns, the future Digital Generation Bangladesh...shall we call them Gen-D?

Since the primary audience of this blog targets English speaking (and reading) Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi business readers, I have transliterated the Digital Bengali names. Here is all we have for your naming pleasure.

1. Mouse Choudhury
2. Monitor Alam
3. Mozilla Akhter
4. Opera Khatun
5. Cable Dewan
5. Modem Khandker
6. DVD Khan
7. Google Mia
8. Profile Choudhury
9. Schedule Alam
10. Folder Sheikh
11. Refresh Mahmud
12. Email Patowary
13. Laptop Haider
14. IBM Chattopaddhay
15. Ipod Kibria
16. PC Sarkar
17. Kamruzzaman Excel
18. Intel Chakraborty
19. Asus Majumder
20. RAM Mohan Roy
21. Apple Khan
22. Casing Akhter
23. Duel Rana
24. Audio Hawladar
25. XP Singh
26. Device Adhikary
27. Undo Mia
28. Zafrullah Sharafont

Amazing piece of naming convention and innovation isn't it? Let me know which one(s) you liked the most. I still believe that we as a nation naturally possess great sense of humour, however if we also had put our brains and time in the right places in right time, we should have become more developed than Malaysia by now (sigh). Nevertheless, I hope the policy makers and spoilticians (spoilt politicians) of Bangladesh would greet these digital Bengali names and the act of renaming babies with arms wide open, as they love renaming almost everything in Bangladesh, depending on whoever is in power. So if they are dreaming of a Digital Bangladesh, what best a way than to start renaming the future generation in the true digital way.

I wish we could rename a donkey as a horse and it would soon start running faster and win important races for us. Only and only if it were so simple and easy. Hardly anything would be achieved other than a good laugh and some time wasted, by naming or renaming babies, bridges, hospitals or airports. There is a reason why every programmer is not called 'Bill Gates' or 'Steve Jobs' in the US and why they still lead the global software powerhouses. Rather than renaming, we better relook at the way we go about doing our business, revise our perceptions towards branding, entrepreneurship, innovation, refresh our knowledge about Bangladeshi brands and businesses and rethink the way we want to portray ourselves to the business world.

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