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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I thought I was starting to love QUBEE

Qubee is cutting corners!
When I got connected to Qubee last year I was surprised how you can avail good internet service with low prices. I could play games online with friends living in Australia & the US. Qubee really meant business. The downloads would be done before I could think of others stuffs to download! I started thinking, hmm… this could be the dawn of quality-internet-service in Bangladesh, after all.

But guess what?... I was wrong, very wrong.

Before Qubee was flooded with hifi-hispeed-wireless internet loving customers who’d have the privilege to have an active internet connection almost anywhere in Dhaka and in most of Chittagong, it was actually going pretty good. However, now that it has more customers than it can accommodate in their fancy-sophisticated servers, it has started to cut corners.

Let me give you an example. I was using one of Qubee’s 512kbps unlimited internet connection (I honestly don’t understand the gravity of that since I’m not one of those computer geeks you’d find in universities). Nevertheless, I understand this much that when I want to download something, I see on my internet download manager, that the transfer rate is showing a constant transfer rate of 60kbps. Well, it’s not showing that anymore. Having noticed it for several days, I finally called Qubee. What they’ve told me drove me mad.

As they urge, I, apparently, download too much, and to facilitate other users in my area, they have reduced my download speed. I was advised to take it easy on how I use my internet! I’m sorry, but how do you do that? I’m on an unlimited plan allowing me to use the internet pretty much however I want it to. And they have only allocated 60kbps of their bandwidth to me on my contract, I cannot possibly exceed that no matter whatever I do. If Qubee wanted me not to use their internet service all the time they should’ve warned me in the first place. Now, I feel like I’m not getting my money’s worth.

Let’s stop bickering about this. We don’t have enough choices in Bangladesh, I know. But I’ll let you guys know about a jungle full of trees and insect where I used an internet connection that is in a different league! It was so fast that I almost fell asleep on my laptop downloading things. It’s in Chittagong, just on the other side of the Karnaphuli River. My question is, if people can have such hispeed internet connection in a jungle, why can’t they have something similar in the major cities, for example, Dhaka, Chittagong?


Asgher said...

Your right my friend. I think its time for us to take some consumer action against Qubee and their stupid new control plans. The new plan is actually Cheating where they say "ITS UNLIMITED" when its not.

lipa said...

if u were using 512kbps line then u are supposed to get up to 64kbps download speed in single download,when u took the connection FUP was clearly mentioned in SAF from,b clear first about ur infos first............