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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Dhaka Tweetup and Bloggers Meetup Featuring Mark Hillary with ITC and BASIS

Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS) and International Trade Centre (ITC) jointly organizing the first ever Tweetup for bloggers, microbloggers, and tweeters in Bangladesh featuring Mark Hillary. This might turn out to be a great event for all bloggers and tweeters in Bangladesh.

About Mark Hillary 

Mark Hillary is a British Blogger running his IT Research Company in São Paulo, Brazil. Being a part of the generation when Brazil was a developing country, he has been widely experienced in technology, outsourcing, and globalization. He blogs for Reuters and the Huffington Post from UK.

Mark has authored a new book on Twitter Features Interviews, which includes case studies that includes many social media elites - including David Cameron, the British Prime Minister. He is shortlisted as the "Blogger of the year" by Computer Weekly, UK's leading technology magazine.  However, the results for  "Blogger of the year" will be announced on November 29th. So, you have the opportunity of voting for him now at

BTW, Mark is also a music blogger. He is the founder of the popularly known regular tweetups in London, called the "Ealing Tweetup". Feel free to look at this video on Ealing Tweetup in London:

About the Tweetup

Here is the link to the tweetup, where you can find details: 
@ November 29, 2011 at 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

The aim of the #dhakatu tweetup (the hashtag used for Twitter promotion) is not about Mark talk talking about blogging. Rather, it is an event for tweeters and bloggers in Bangladesh to get together, to swap ideas, to discuss IT issues in Bangladesh, and to get wide community of bloggers involved from BASIS - representing the IT service companies.

But feel free to talk to Mark about blogging too! Mark is visiting Dhaka as part of a mission run by the UN and International Trade Centre (ITC) called NTF-II. Mark is a guest of BASIS during his stay.

Check these links for more information on the wider programme of work:
Bangladesh Association of Software and Information Services (BASIS)
BDBL Bhaban (5th Floor - West)
12 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka -1215
Phone: +880 2 8151196; 8144708-09

Event Organizer: 
Mark Hillary
CEO at IT Decisions
Globalisation Author and Blogger for HuffPo, Reuters, and the London 2012 Olympics


Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing you all at the tweetup. I have a load of formal meetings lined up as well as a couple of conferences to attend, but this will be a chance to hear from you directly about the problems companies in Bangladesh have getting noticed internationally.

Please do connect with me on LinkedIn and let's talk even in advance of the tweetup!

See you soon,

Famous Women in Business said...

Blogger meetup is a regular event in Bangladesh as a result of the growing number of community blogs in Bangla language. And I hope to see more of the meetups soon.