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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

And here comes radvertising

"Welcome back listeners, if you are planning big for an upcoming holiday , you can travel by Singapore Airlines to Hong Kong to have the time of your life...or even to Sydney, as Singapore Airlines is offering the best deal in town for its valued customers"... OR.."welcome back you all music lovers, I hope you all are aware that to enjoy the music to the fullest, you need a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone, which plays your favorite music so well that you will enjoy the time..."...Just a few of the glimpses of the new phenomena which is redefining our advertising scopes...thanks to the increased popularity of the radio channels in Bangladesh and the radio listening culture, a whole new dimension of advertisements have popped plenty of rooms for the Bangladeshi corporates to think about new ways of advertising their products and services.

The best thing about radio is that the target consumers/listener can actually be mobile and can still be connected to the radio through the mobile-phone enabled radios while walking, driving, studying whatever. The power of broadcasting that radio possesses enables to deliver targeted promotional campaigns right through the ears of the listeners to grab more and more of the mind share. And who else can do it better than Radio Foorti? The ever-getting-smarter RJs of the channel have gone a long way in contextualizing particular specific adverts of Singapore Airlines or Nokia or Sony Ericsson are not aired in isolation, rather it has become part of the RJ that when the RJ is establishing a conversational ambience with the listeners, advertising snippets are intertwined in the script to entice the potential consumers....and they make it look like as if its very natural....natural radio advertising...or 'radvertising' I suppose.

And keeping in view the expansion of the radio coverage across the whole country, I sense more and more opportunities for new avenue to advertise...not only to advertise traditionally..but innovatively....that is when the RJs not only play songs and chit chat...they become the ambassadors of certain that the credibility and acceptance gets closer to the audience. Radvertising is here and it is here to stay....those companies who realized it early enough are perhaps reaping the benefits already.

Meanwhile....keep on listening to your favorite radio channel...and welcome to radvertisement.

1 comment:

fareeha's journals..... said...

well, the concept of RJ endorsement is obviously very innovative. But with the experience of working closely with different stations, I'd say it flopped tremedously when it came to the implementation part. There were many examples of RJs promoting wrong features for wrong products and not to mention the fact that they, many times, totally miss out the RJ endorsements when they are scheduled to.