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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Citycell's ad encourages children to use mobile phones

As there grows rising concern against use of mobile phones by children, keeping in view health and environment safety related issues, Citycell decides to come up with a strange advertisement portraying children as its future customers and ‘how caring their customer service is’ that they provide service ‘with a smile’ to school-going children too, who one day, will grow up to be their loyal customers. Honestly, I recommend Citycell hires a better ad agency and get a life for themselves.

As Grameenphone brings in ‘omuker bou, tomuker natni, shomuker bhai’ etc. as their customer service cadre, Banglalink was quick to follow suit with their ‘kotha dilam’ (na betha dilam?) campaign. Citycell thought that well since GP has exhausted using sisters, natnees and brothers in their ad, whereas Banglalink decided to apply the young lady, Citycell perhaps thought why not to use children to ‘glorify’ the ‘superior’ (!) customer service? Poor, very poor. I hope their customer service is not as bad as their advertisement. Although the naive child admits that he is too young to use a mobile phone now, the Citycell staff keeps on staring greedily at the child, dreaming that once he grows up, he will prefer Citycell only.


parvez said...

I do agree with you. Thanks for raising this issue.

Fakrul said...

I disagree. Its original instead of cheesy or being a tear jerker (yes I cry because tears of happiness come out my eyes when GP connects two people)

Anonymous said...

well, i must agree... again we are trying to interpret an idea from a very surface level.... shallow thinking...what else i can say.
i think what Citycell wanted to show is ..... even if you are not buying u r still welcome to visit the tores, the executives are ready to offer their services. no point to think it as a promotion to increase usage among children. rather it shows the aspiration.
i hope all of us will think a little deep and try to to see the inner meaning. like fakrul said... its better not to have a tear jerker ad and do some authentic work

samit said...

I really wonder this being the oldest company in the country why it fares so bad compared with GP, Banglalink and even Warid. It has the stronest parent out of all the cos , offer a cheap package yet it is virtually absent from the telecom boom. Anybody has an answer?

Anonymous said...

yes, GP earlier this year forced BTRC (you can imagine what 'force' they used because GP earnings is off the charts) to put a minimum 25 p per minute charge. If it wasn't for this Citycell would have given calls for free.

Furthermore as GP gobbled up a lot of spectrum early on it also 'forced' the BTRC to raise spectrum prices so Citycell, Banglalink, Warid et all had a tougher time bringing down GP. BTRC and GP should just merge.

Anonymous said...

For money making these suckers will do anything,even spoil kids. That is the worst and cheap ad that I have ever seen.