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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aktel blocks the call, blocks the harassment

Another testimony of the fact that intelligent managers and decision-makers of Bangladeshi corporates are keeping a close look into the conversation we are having in this growing business blog. Our fleet of business bloggers have been blogging on topics related with call blocking issues for over a year now. First it was raised under the title "Hey, mobile phone operators - listen up! " on July 20, 2007, then again on another post that followed titled "Growing Perversion Worries All But them.... " published on July 24, 2007. We sincerely thank Aktel for listening to us and introducing this service first time in Bangladesh for its customers. We hope other operators will wake up and introduce such innovative and useful service for their customers, it will surely help curb mob-teasing (mobile-teasing) for female consumers and for all in general. For all topics tagged with Aktel, see this page here.

The Daily Star reports that AKTEL, the third largest mobile phone operator has introduced a 'call block' service, by which its customers can enjoy independence on whether they receive unsolicited calls or not.Now Aktel's customers do not need to turn off their phone just to avoid unnecessary interruptions. They can just leave it to call block to filter all incoming calls. Aktel's move to introduce such service, which may reduce incoming calls to its network, was mainly taken following complains of fake voice calls by mobile users."This launch is yet another small step to come even closer to the people of Bangladesh, and win their hearts through developing truly customer-oriented products and services," said Jefri Ahmad Tambi, chief executive officer of Aktel. At the launching ceremony yesterday in Dhaka, Tambi said his company would bring more products to the market, within a short time, to educate users about the call block service.

Well....we would also love to keep educating consumers on the call-block service, Aktel has paid attention to the informal and raw conversation we are having here regarding their service, we would be happy to pay them back the favour.


Anonymous said...

But it is unwanted to charge tk 30 per month for this service. its illogical to charge totally.

Anonymous said...

everything comes with a cost but atleast they did it.hope grameenphone the largest mobile service provider of the country is listening and reading this article!wake up!its the high time!i being the fairer sex is the happiest person!Mob-teasing is such humiliation that at times one intend to think that why you became an woman inspit eof being blessed wioth good education,career etc.Aktel's this step will put alarm to other service providers and here is the end of those evil missed calls and vulgar MMSs and SMSs!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to AKTEL for taking such a good initiative called CALL BLOCK SERVICE. There are some changes could be done for this current procedure e.g. One subscriber will be able to block 300 numbers(at least 100 numbers) per month by giving Tk.30 because if anybody will have serious intention to disturb others then, he/she can use many different numbers for doing this.As per their declared process only 10 numbers can be blocked so, from my point of view this number should be incresed for make this service a successfull one.