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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Growing Perversion Worries All But them....

This is to second the topic raised by Corporate Blogger Adnan regarding the introduction of service by our mobile operators to enable incoming, unsolicited call/SMS blocking. Being seriously disturbed by never-ending obscene texts and nasty calls, I have heard lot of women being compelled to change their phone numbers frequently. This issue of harassment has also been raised by Narmeen Ali in The Star Magazine here. Her description narrates better the woes and trouble, we as consumers, especially women, have to go through because of this techno-savvy group of pervert, starved men.

Upon seeking help in the call centers of a renowned telecom company of the country, the 'near-machine-like' agents kindly advised those women to 'please register a GD with the local police', as 'they don't have any provision to block calls to certain numbers from certain numbers'. When asked if he is aware of mig33, he said 'his operator' is not providing 'that service' yet! I regret to say but I have found many a call center agent of not only telecoms but also that of banks to be extremely artificial, lacking knowledge of their product/service range and a complete waste of airtime (hotline charges more). Why will our telecom operators not bother about introducing a service to block unsolicited calls?

Thanks to new entrants, lowered tariffs, intense competition, the operators are willing to advise to sacrifice 'a few' customers' privacy, comfort. The more texts the happy perverts send to 'anything as long as there is a female voice on the other side of the phone', our operators are making money, so they are happy, making the perverts happier. Everytime they make sick calls and the other party unknowingly picks up, who makes money? Our telcos do. And when your sister or mother or wife or friend decides to get a new SIM to get relief from this 'operator sponsored' harassment, who gains again? I am sure you are clever enough to guess.

So two pronged better introduce this user-initiated call barring for specific numbers, if you can provide hundred FnFs to hundred specific numbers, if you can track my call record, you better help me keep my peace of mind. Otherwise, who knows any female acquaintance dear to you might be the next victim of this evils of mobile technology. Thanks for the recent ads in the newspapers regarding documents/procedures to be followed while procuring new SIMs. But prevention is better than cure, so act fast.

Lastly, please install some emotion/life in your call center agents. I, in my daily life, don't say 'Shubho oporanno', 'Shubho Shondha' etc and don't read from scripts when talking to people. And I don't like to waste my money asking for help and being guided to square one by airy advice from your agents. So humanize them, let them know what you are about and make them help us.

Growing Perversion Worries All But them....Grameen Phone, Warid, Aktel, Banglalink....get worried before you and your loved ones get worried for the wrong reasons.

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