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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dohatec Brands Bangladesh Big Time

FE Report
Now put your hands together and give a big clap as Dohatec has been the first Bangladeshi software company, highlighted by Microsoft Corporate Vice President Allison Watson in the opening of Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2007, held recently at Dever in the US. This is the largest conference of software companies with 12,000 professional participants from across the world. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and COO Kevin Turner made important addresses on technology trends at the inauguration ceremony of the programme.

A short video on Dohatec and its chairman Luna Shamsuddoha was screened on the occasion, stressing the company's competence, excellence, quality and value it delivers to the clients. Dohatec was the only company outside North America to be presented. While recognising Luna and Dohatec, Microsoft placed the map of Bangladesh on a massive screen, highlighting the country as a source of quality software. "We all thought it was a fantastic video interview with Luna, introduced by Allison Watson at WPC. The use of the images from the original Dhaka video was superb, and the narrative by Luna was absolutely world-class," said Microsoft officials. Featuring Dohatec at the inauguration of WPC was a great honour, and the exposure would benefit the company immensely, said a press release. Dohatec, a Gold Certified Partner, receives support through the Microsoft Partner Programme that has vast technical and sales resources with worldwide presence.

Hats off to Dohatec. I don't want to know how they did it, all I know is that they did it, what the endless series of seminars in home and abroad couldn't do, what the expensive participations in foreign IT fairs couldn't do.....the much needed branding of Bangladesh as source of quality software. Critics are welcome to discuss about the quality of software and the methodologies, industry jealous peers can point fingers at any direction, but the end justifies the means. Dohatec has taken not only their brand name but the brand of the country in the homeground of Microsoft....excellent achievement Dohatec, keep it a trade secret, we don't want to know how you impress Microsoft, we are impressed because you made us proud and encouraged too. Anybody reading this from BASIS please learn a few tricks of the trade from Dohatec, who has shown that WE can do IT too.

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