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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Building up awareness against smoking in the public place

It is a very common scenario that many people smoke in the public place. But our Government has forbidden it. And people do such unlawful act in regular basis without respecting the law. What can we do to make them feel that they are doing such activity which is against the law? We could build up awareness. TVC, radio ad or newspaper ad could help us in doing so. But we know these mediums are expensive and these mediums may not always target such group. What else we can do to resolve this issue. Well, at this moment, Government placed a message on the pack of tobacco; that is: Smoking causes a stroke. Now if we can tie up another line with that message: It is unlawful act to smoke in the public place. Then it could work out. So our Government should think about this idea and go for its implementation.


Anonymous said...

Greating thinking! Our Government should open up the eyes.

Plastic business cards said...

One solution is to write message on the packet don't smoke in public places.

Anonymous said...

It is not a question of smoking in public places but to discourage the habit of smoking altogether. One way of doing that is raise prices to a level that is outside the reach of the young adults who are the main target of the tobacco companies and to incorporate the detrimental effects of smoking and drugs in high school curriculum.