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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Where are the Brave Hearts?

I have been reading these comments on this Indian Educationist's experience at of the leading private university of this country.We all know how he was treated there during his teaching tenure through his letter to the former Prime-Minister of our country. We will not be knowing ever whether he got back his money and receive justice but i'm sure if he would have read this blog he would been happy to know that people finally started raising their voice against the misdeeds of the AIUB's top management.I also feel that the chances of his reading this blog is very less as the treatment he got from AIUB is unforgetable.

The motive behind writing this is to wake up those faculties who also have received similar treatment from AIUB.Do we want to make suffer more and more people like Dr. Sudhi Dey?Do we wish to give a high designation(the VC belongs to Philippines) to one foreigner who dn't deserve to be there at all and treat badly another foreigner(Dr.sudhi Dey)?Are we so poor at representing our country in the global arena of education?

So my dear friends who were associated with AIUB as a faculty or student please join this battlefield as its the high time to demand for your RIGHT! Unless there is demand,there won't be any supply.....i reckon!

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