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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bangladesh needs plan to introduce 3G mobile tech

FE Report

Bangladesh needs plan, to join the revolution of information and communication technology (ICT), for introducing third generation (3G) mobile technology in the country. The implementation of the 3G, besides reducing the cost of doing business, can help develop the entire scenario of the rural economy for more growth of GDP. "The 3G mobile technologies are capable of transferring voice, data and video to subscribers' mobile sets at a lower cost than 2G mobile technologies," Karl-Henrick Sundstron, executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO) of Ericsson told journalists at a press conference. He further said they were working with the BTRC to provide broadband connectivity for 3G trials in rural Bangladesh.

Arun Banshal, managing director, Taimur Rahman, director for strategy and marketing, Mustak Hossain, head of media relations and regulatory affairs, of LM Ericsson Bangladesh Ltd, were present among others at the press conference at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel in the city Thursday. Ericsson, a leading Swedish telecom equipment and services company will continue to support the country's information and communication technology (ICT) with its cutting edge technology. "We are committed to continue our support to the mobile operators of Bangladesh for developing skills in telecommunications by bringing cutting edge technology, Karl-Henrick Sundstron. Ericsson, which has over 40 per cent global market share in GSM technology, thinks that the timely initiative of the regulatory body in the country can help introducing cost effective technology. Sundstron, however, stressed the need for a new mindset to face the challenges that hurdle the proper utilization of the mobile technology, which is currently largely voice centric.

Answering a question, Sundstron said Bangladesh, during the first quarter of the current year, has become one of its top ten markets. In Feb 2006, Ericsson announced the establishment of a full-fledged company in Bangladesh, reaffirming its long-term commitment towards the development of the country and the growth of its telecommunications sector. The company has so far employed 870 mostly locally recruited persons in its Bangladesh office, he said adding that about 3500 people are indirectly involved with the company. Referring to the corporate social responsibility (CSR), Sundstron said: "Ericsson extended cooperation to the flood victims and our support for skill development of the Bangladeshis in the latest technology will continue. Leading mobile and telephone operators of the country including GrameenPhone, AKTEL, BTTB and Warid Telecom have awarded Ericsson the prime integrator contract to plan, design and integrate an in-building solution. Besides, Telenor, the parent company of Grameenphone (GP), has awarded a contract to Ericsson to expand its GSM/EDGE network and upgrade it.

Good. Very good.


the WORM said...

Well, first of all, WiMAX is also a good option to have BWA. Ericsson should buy Airspan to have WiMAX as well.

Besides, it would be good to have Nokia-Siemens Networks & Huawei grow in Bangladesh. 1-vendor dominance is not good compitition.

Irmana said...

Great Bhaia,
You have a very Interesting blog...
I hope it will be really great if we have your post in Bangla And I welcome you to visit Am sure you will enjoy posting there.

thank you,

Huda said...

Yes Worm, I agree with you that giving a monopoly situation to Ericsson will not be a good idea in the long run. Interestingly enough, The CEO of GrameenPhone is a Norweg, that of BanglaLink and Warid is Paki, CityCell and Aktel is Malay/Chink. On the suppliers end, the Germs have tied up with the Fins..Nokia Siemens, Chinks are with ZTE and Huawei and Indi Yaars heading Ericsson and Motorola. I get a feeling that Banglalink and Warid will prefer Ericsson also because of the indo-pak dosti...and Aktel and CityCell will be inclined towards ZTE and Huawei because of chinky chemistry. GP will be indifferent and will go with whoever is in this case.

Bangladesh Corporate Blogs said...

Hello Irmana,
Thanks for your comments. We are already members of We find your blog extremely popular. We hope to be mutually benefited from our blogs.