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Thursday, August 23, 2007

After BPO, KPO, how about PPO?

One of the publishing principles of this blog is against posting anything on Bangladesh politics. This is because we have talked too much about it and have done little. This is also because there are people who keep on talking about it and talk better than I do, so they should do the honours. However the recent deterioration (or developments for some) in the country's socio-political scenario has raised serious concerns amongst all, I am no exception, but I would try to stick to the blog's publishing principles here by brushing past the topic and look at it from a business perspective for Bangladesh Corporate. Sounds mean does it? Well that's the way we all are behaving now.
We all have talked about BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) and how Bangladesh can have a larger pie of the cake which India, Phillippines, China have been eating happily. But have we ever thought of the new talk in the town...PPO? It seems to be the need of time now....PPO (Political Process Outsourcing) that is. A recent poll held in this blog indicated that majority of the poll participants think that 'foreign managers are genuinely better' so most of the MNCs in Bangladesh have foreign CEOs leading the fleets. I wonder if there is any learning Bangladesh Corporate can impart to the country's political arena. Anthropologists know better if Bengalis ever had the history of self rule or not, or whether they always had been extremely good subjects, ruled by non-Bengali rulers...even Sirajuddoula, Bakhtiar Khalji...whosoever ruled this land were non-Bengalis. It seems to have become crystal clear that we in Bangladesh cannot rule ourselves. We will always be having complaints about anybody (any fellow Bangladeshi) who would be ruling us. Given the chaotic situation at hand, PPO steps in as the last resort.
I wonder as most of the Bangladesh based MNCs have foreigners at the helm and they are performing so well in Bangladesh, should we publish an international tender/RFP (Request For Proposal) for governing us? We can publish it to the leading international dailies of the world, our non-resident Bangladeshis can also play a part in this process of choosing non-Bangladeshi leaders who would lead us to prosperity. If we behave well and prosper under non Bangladeshi managers in MNCs in Bangladesh...who knows we might also behave well and prosper too if under outsourced leadership. Atleast that way the blame game and the restiveness would be pacified and we can think about trust, development and industry, rather than party, power and politics.
Honestly, the talk above is an extreme sign of frustation regarding the present situation which is seriously harming the businesses of Bangladesh, not to mention the general people.


Mashuk R. said...

Interesting view indeed. Certainly worth thinking about. However, unlike business or commercial enterprises, the stakes for governing a country are far too high. The reality is that we, as a collective, have to find our own comfort zone. This is no easy task and will take time. Face it, Bangladesh is still in its infancy. The progress ahead will be made in generations. No need to be dishearted. Change is always painful and that is what we are enduring at this point. The journey ahead has yet many destinations to unfold. The weekly poll on my blogspot is reflective to this effect. Pls be sure to vote there. Take Care.

Rocky said...

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Telemarketing said...

A very interesting post. Although there is a premise behind that a foreign manager is better than a local one, I don't think it is true across the board. However, outsourcing political processes may be a solution if an integration of some of the policies are made but an entire change may not be realistic.