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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Aktel....A K? Aktel who?

Retaining old customers are better and easier than getting new ones—is this the mantra Aktel is trying to follow? Keeping in view their activities regarding their 10 year anniversary, they have come up with some ‘golden call’ promos and offers alike which seem to aim existing customers of the operator. What is wrong with Aktel? Even though the operator has the 2nd largest customer base after GP and network quality ‘as good as GP’ (claimed by an Aktel employee), they have gone into near oblivion. New kids on the block such as Banglalink and Warid have clearly overshadowed the very existence of Aktel. Even CityCell and Teletalk are trying their bit of the marketing gimmicks. Billboards, banners, airport trolleys, taxi-rooftops etc. you see every name but Aktel’s. Even Aktel’s TV ads appear stupid and childish comparing to the ones by other operators. The worst is their website which I found extremely sloppy and unprofessional.
No wonder even if you have better product/service and nobody knows about it, you are nevertheless a failure. Probably Aktel needs to import some aggressive hungry activists from Malaysia to give fangs to its marketing arm. I personally would love to see killer ideas coming out of desi-heads rather than of bideshi-heads, nevertheless, in business, war and love, everything you do is fair, just to get a larger share of the market, territory and heart. So wake up Aktel, before we forget who you are, and ask Aktel…..A K? chinlam na!

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