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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bangladeshi trio wins regional Young Entrepreneur Award

Dhaka, July 11 (—Three young business students from Bangladesh beat competing teams from five other countries to win the regional final of the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards held in Hong Kong.

The Bangladeshi trio's winning venture focused on industrial waste management to help export-earning industries to meet global compliance requirements.

"We fail to comply with global standards over and again because of lack of emphasis on waste management," said leader of the winning team Zeeshan Rahman at a press conference Wednesday.

"Most of our industrial units do not manage their waste properly. We aim to provide services in managing waste in an environment-friendly way," he said.

Zeeshan and friends, Joydeep Choudhury and Baizeeed Md Nur, are all second year BBA students in the Institute of Business Administration at Dhaka University.

They won the 'Best of the Best' award last month in the regional final of the six-month long competition, beating five other teams representing the best young entrepreneurs from Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

It was the first time that Bangladesh had taken part in the awards, which have been held since 2000.

The Bangladesh team's business plan on industrial waste management for the export zone areas in Savar, Dhaka, won over the juries in the competition.

The achievement also helped the young students to overcome their fear of competitors from more advanced countries.

"We have been able to know ourselves. As a nation we have a tendency to underestimate ourselves. It's not good. We have a lot of talent in this country. We are definitely capable of building a positive image of our Bangladesh," said Zeeshan.

The young entrepreneurs, taking note of global consumer demands, are now aiming to establish a company providing services to manage industrial waste.

"At present some NGOs are working on domestic waste management. None is working for industrial waste management although the issue is gaining some prominence," said Baizeed.

Baizeed mentioned the country's tannery, textile, knitting & dyeing and ready made garments industries and said entrepreneurs in these sectors face difficulties in ensuring global compliance standards with respect to the environment.

"Almost 90 percent of tannery units are red-marked. Buyers will not place orders unless these units improve their standards," said Baizeed, adding that ISO requirements were also necessary for garment industries.

"We will start our work after completing our graduation. There is much preparation for to be done for the project before we start," he said.

Joydeep, the third member of the team, stressed the importance of government support in realising such ventures. He suggested initiatives be taken especially to nurture young talent.

"It's high time to groom up our generation as we represent the future," said Joydeep. hours


Encouraging news.

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