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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

BusinessWeek: Asia's Most Admired Companies

BusinessWeek has posted the results of their online user survey on “Asia’s Most Admired Companies”. The results have skewed towards those businesses that have gone global, used technology, and innovated.

The list includes:

  • Toyota (Japan)
  • Lenovo (China)
  • Infosys (India)
  • Nintendo (Japan)
  • Acer (Taiwan)
  • NHN (South Korea)
  • (China)
  • Singapore Airlines (Singapore)
  • Singapore Telecom (Singapore)
  • Wipro (India)
  • Posco (Korea)

The more perceptive of you will surely have noticed a trend.

Full article here at BusinessWeek.


Anonymous said...

What was the basis for making this list? And I am afraid I cannot figure out the trend, is it that India and China are on a roll now and they are creeping in gently? Could we make a list of Bangladeshi companies? Could we set up criteria/benchmarks to assess them and thus come up with a list? May be business students in IBA, NSU, IUB etc. would be enthusiastic to prepare that.

bengal*foam said...

Hi Anon. The basis of the list was from an admittedly unscientific poll of the readers of BusinessWeek Online. Thus, it reflects the opinions of their leadership. If you click through to the article you can see that the editors tried to find what was common among the listed companies.

And I think it's a great idea to establish criteria and make a list of the most admired companies in Bangladesh (or perhaps more interestingly still, which *should* be the more admired companies so that we can get past the "usual suspects" like Grameenphone et al.). Would you like to start the ball rolling?