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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Tasteless juice...djuice

Its just a personal opinion that I don't find the new djuice logo attractive. Although authors argue that “djuice is now the world’s second largest mobile offering for young people…At the same time, djuice has…introduc[ed]…a new logo. The design profile has been developed in cooperation with Wolff Olins…“Our new image is playful, colourful and flexible, and the diversity reflects the many different aspects of djuice and the diversity of our customers’ interests…This is how we envisage djuice, as the centre, from where good things emerge, the only place young people need to visit to get the latest and best…experience.” So much so for for designing a logo like this, but I don't find anything appealing or aesthetic in it. It reminds me of a joke that the best painting in one exhibition was won by an elephant which threw tomatoes towards the canvas and made good use of its trunk to brush the brushes against the canvas up and down and left and right and voila...we had a winner there...its just that the judges and viewers never realized that it was an elephant artwork until it was revealed. Its understandable that Telenor's strategy is to align its positioning strategy across the markets it operates in. In the process, they are bound to let go some local values, taste and appetite.

But I hope this remote control alignment by Papa Telenor is not making the creative minds of our brand managers idle and they have enough on their plates to keep their minds active. I understand that what they are doing is strictly decided by Papa Telenor, they are merely following instructions regarding logos and branding. The best thing they have done on behalf of Telenor so far is change overnight the old 'good ' logo ' and put on new make up with their 'neel pankha' even in the remotest corners of Bangladesh...we had always been good in following foreign instructions hadn't we? Coming back to djuice logo, I feel sympathized with creative, innovative young minds of GP who must have had something more meaningful, more local and more attractive in mind. But what to do, you give some you get some, we got Nobel prize, they gave us 'their' logo.

So we have Shezan juice from Pakistan, Frooti juice from India, Pran juice from Bangladesh and now we also have djuice from Norway. Its just that the last one is not available in Agora, you have to look for it across the road.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

very witty writing dude! well...i heard that GP's working environment is highly beauracratic!therefore,even if the brand manages have innovative ideas and plans they rae implemented may be.if you don't spek your superiors language u might not get promotion and get low increment during the evaluation they keep mum!as you said u get some u give some. true for the brand managers of GP!