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Sunday, July 22, 2007

National Career Fair 2007.....joto gorjey toto borshe na!

I have been seeing this poster advertising the National Career Fair 2007 of Grameenphone.The poster has some young professionals smiling which gave the sign of bright future for the job seekers and people who are ambitious to have a bright career.I consider myself in the latter category and therefore,landed up there at BCFC on Friday 20th July. One local radio station said there were 70 companies from all over the country as well as overseas companies.Another leading English newspaper published that about 100 companies took part in it.I am a prothokhkhodorshi of this Fair and i saw nothing but about 20 companies(maximum) and most of the big-shots didn't even bother to be there.Infact Grammenphone who took the responsibility to promote it didn't even put up their Company name or Logo any where in the stall but later it was noticed that they wrote the name of the company in hand in a piece of paper and put it infront of the stall.Do we expect this from the company who was promoting the event and that too Grameenphone?

Coming to the organizer of this super flop-show event....which is the leading Private Business School in the country who promoted it as more of a Job Fair rather than a Career Fair.If they would have shown a little bit prudency, their own existing as well as ex-students would have been benefitted.

Some of the companies were there about whom people don't even know.I would not like to give all the blame to the organizer and promoting partner but also to the visitor.You would be surprised to know that i saw one gentleman standing infront of Nestle stall and asking one employee of Nestle that'what business you do Sir?'

So,the so called Career Fair had everything....all rotten ingredients to spoil the cooking!


Anonymous said...

Needless to say, this type of fair is a blend of corporate mula and private university gazor are being showed to thirsty teens to pic all the bucks from their parent's wallet. I also attended many such fairs at IBA, DU, Sheraton, Osmani Memorial Hall and received nothing. In worst, their is a ruour that CVs from the fair are sold at per kg to bhangari shop.

Anonymous said...

I didn't find any better going there in the National Career Fair 2007 on 20th July 2007 @ China Bangladesh Friendship Conference Center, Dhaka, bangladesh.