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Sunday, July 22, 2007

When there will no BHEJAL in our pockets, then we will fly in the Rocket

Bhejal people, bhejal foods, bhejal things - so many bhejals are all around us. We people really need to get rid of it. Our Government’s policies against bhejal cannot go far away. There are a lot of limitations behind the Government’s policies.

We know ISO, Superbrands, VeriSign (for digital security certificate) and so on which came from the international arena. Why don’t a local private company come and win the heart of the people with trust? That company will strictly maintain the quality of local products/services. Why do people go today for ISO, Superbrands and VeriSign’s certificates? Because they created such image inside the consumers and then the consumers feel free to select the certified product/service by those companies. If a Bangladeshi company aim to be such company, then people must welcome them. But they all will have to do is to win the heart of the consumers. If a local company can manage the quality, then why should we go to those foreign companies to buy their certificates with huge money? May be for exporting the product foreign company’s certificates are needed. It is true that we don’t export everything. So, what we don’t export, those can be certified by that local company. It could be certified product or service. For example, “X” restaurant is achieved “NO BHEJAL” certificate. Then people will go more to that restaurant. Of course, this certificate will add a brand value to that restaurant to get more customers. But in this case, honesty is really needed for the certificate issuer and the company should keep it in their mind, “Just don’t sell the certificates; instead, let them achieve”.

This way could help us to be a BHEJALBIHIN country. And then we can fly in the rocket as we have no BHEJAL in our pockets.


Mohaimen Saleh said...

I believe we have something called BSTI...but as usual, like private universities and coaching centers, we are good at selling certificates. May be our anti-bhejal superhero Rokon Uddoula can come into the picture and establish and establish his 'bhejal buster' company...first of its kind in Bangladesh....bhejal ki batti jala de!

Mohammad Jobaed Adnan said...

In the very first paragraph, I mentioned about our Government policies which cover BSTI along with the other wings.

Selling certificates cannot take the company (the certificate issuer) on the top. People will judge it. If they can do trustworthy works, then people will believe them. Otherwise certificate issuer will get back to the dust, from where they came.