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Friday, July 20, 2007

Hey, mobile phone operators - listen up!

Mobile phone is a very important tool of our daily life. It is either like a friend or like a partner. But sometimes this friend just cracks our bones. Most of us use mobile phones for some good reasons while a few use the phones to bug around. They either disturb people by sending offensive SMSs/calls or giving missed call. Even some maniacs intentionally do such activities together to a target. It is really a painful situation. In this case, we can complain to the operators or the authorities. Nevertheless this process will take sometime; moreover it may not work out sometimes.

Whilst time is money as well as we people lead busy life, therefore we cannot wait up for reviewing the complaints by the mobile phone operators/authorities and hang up until they take necessary action. Now the question is who else can set us free from this situation? Of course mobile phone operators can save us from this problem. However to do so, they need some modification between their servers and software to add such service: “create ignore list”. The thing is that, this service will let the people create a blacklist. And after that the blacklisted number(s) can never be able to disturb that person any longer. Hey, mobile phone operators - listen up! We people are waiting for this service to come up in our hands.


Tanvir Amin said...

I fully agree with your recommendations. There is an article published in Star Magazine today, written by Srabonti Narmeen Ali which discusses the same topic. This unwanted calls problems is more serious for women. There are those perverts, stalkers, idle timers who just to give calls/misscalls to women just to get cheap thrills. The operators can help I guess. But I have heard that there are softwares available in the internet as well, like BlackListPro, which once downloaded into your mobile phone, restricts calls from unwanted numbers. A good point you have raised, worth thinking about and acting upon it.

Anonymous said...

i fully agree with you dude!i being on the fairer sex face lot of difficulties due to thi sproblem. i infact decided to chnage my number but as u know if u r a professional how impossible it becomes to change your number as everyone who you know and who knows you has your number and u have to inform everyone about ur new connection.

I find the idea by Mr. Adnan outstanding.i hope the mobile phone operators/service providers are listening us. Do something guys!We really count upon you!!!

Mohammad Jobaed Adnan said...

Thanks for your positive comments. I have an argument on using software like “BlackListPro”, because you need a certain type (probably java enabled) of mobile handset to install such software. But the question is how many of us are using this type of handset? Again, it is always right thing to take medicine other than cutting your head off while it aches. So changing mobile number is not a solution while mobile operators can take care of this issue by providing us “create ignore list” service. This is high time and they should listen up now.