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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lets not bite the dust

Of the many things we have been trying to promote through this blog's platform, business journalism and contemporary business literature on Bangladeshi companies are one of them. We have blogged about the nascent business journalism industry in Bangladesh, hoping to see more vibrant activities and popularity of those initiatives. Bangladesh Brand Forum is perhaps one of them about which we have been very positive and hopeful. The magazine seemed to have taken off with much fanfare, media coverage and gaudy display of think-tanks and movers and shakers during various summits and conferences. The content of the magazine, the approach, the objectives, all seem to have been heading for the right direction until this September perhaps, when my repeated visits to the neighborhood newsstand started turning out to be unworthy, as the magazine has disappeared from those newsstands and according to my hawker, from the market too. He claimed that the magazine did not hit the stands since September. Now this is not good news and I sincerely hope this is temporary. I wonder what is holding back the magazine which seemed so full of potential, it had great names and perhaps great minds in its board, great contacts, great adverts and above all, great content. We are convinced that entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs are bound to be hit by dust and rust, that is a natural phenomenon, but biting the dust in an entrepreneurial venture never tastes sweet. We hope Bangladesh Brand Forum does not have to bite the bitter dust and continues emboldening the brand Bangladesh.


Ahmed Ali said...

I didn't know there was enough brands in Bangladesh to make this extremely niche magazine successful. It was a bad idea. Even here niche magazines have more problems surviving despite the market.

Secondly there is no brand in Bangladesh. Prices are more important than brands. There is nothing premium.

But I am still interested in their writing. Maybe you can post or scan in their articles.

Anonymous said...

I think that Brand Forum has created a new era of information regarding brand.but it is discontinuous, for that reason i don't think that it will create any impact on the reader's mind. they have to maintain the consistency.

Wish them best of luck

Aman Hossain said... is another website who provide the Bangladesh brands information.

Shreekumar said...

What Bangladesh brand forum is doing? Is it into value creation for Bangladeshi companies or just into short term money making money making? Its activities are majorly into- bringing some of those so called business speakers and gathering 200 corporate listeners.Can such initiatives create real value for companies? In addition majority of the participants, are also limited to a number of leadign companies. The representation have not been diverse or attracted Bangladeshi companies which need help in bran building. The leadership of Bangladesh Bran Forum has got vision but not a very good execution plan. Is it because they have short term profit making aptitude or just do not know what to do?


Moderator001 said...

Dear Author:
As par my source, I came to know around in Aug that, BBF (Bangladesh Brand Forum) has been challenged by someone on the ground if they had taken permission from ministry of info for publishing a magazine and in reality they didn't. After being registered BBF magazine is now on its way to resume soon. Possibly it will publish next on the upcoming Leadership Summit.

Anonymous said...

It is certainly interesting for me to read this blog. Thanx for it. I like such topics and anything that is connected to them. BTW, try to add some photos :).

Sherifa Amreen said...

I really don't think that to be a brand something has to be priced premium. theoretically anything that has a name and can be identified easily over the generic products is a brand. One big example of Bangladeshi brand is Arong; we can add many more to the list BRAC; Nittya Upahar; ShadaKalo; Catseye etc.... who says that we as Bangladeshi don't have any thing significant that can be BRANDED. even peoples like Bibi Russel; Prof. Yunus are brands by themselves.
hats off to BBF to take such smart initiative, despite of criticizing or in other words de-branding ourselves we better start moving towards a more optimistic way...and my personal philosophy says that this is how a sensible citizen should feel about our country (as a brand).

good luck to BBF...

at least you people have persuaded many like me towards better brand building!!

Anonymous said...

Bangladesh Brand Forum is a fantastic magazine....I hope that they will publish not only the big corporate person's writings only but also give opportunity to general people to share there views and encourage them to write something regarding todays business and so on.......

Anonymous said...

At this moment, Bangladesh Brand Forum is targetting only the corporate houses. But students should also be brought under their eyesight. University Students irrespective of discipline can be highly benefitted from this wonderful magazine. To reach this target, the price should be a bit lower for only them.

Also apparently it seems that Brand Forum has limited its circulation only among the popular corporate houses based in Dhaka. Measures should also be taken to increase its publicity so that an entrepreneur outside dhaka or even a textile/leather enterprise can have the flavor of the insights of the magazine.

Otherwise the vision of Brand Forum will be failed.