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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Leadership & Communications skll development course for Bangladeshi politicians

As I belong to the Generation FB (Facebook), I regularly get status updates from the trainer ‘friend’ of mine, who has nicely made a place for him in the training and development sector in Bangladesh. He makes timely use of web 2.0 technologies to signal his recent ventures, so that every time his ‘friends’ in FB think of staff training and capacity building guess who they think of calling first? He arranges leadership development programs for big multinational companies one week, arranges effective presentation skill trainings for development agencies the next week, meets movers and shakers regularly and is always on top of his game.

I sometimes feel like asking my trainer friend if he ever thought of finding a new market for his skills and expertise. The market exists in Bangladesh and is highly relevant and perhaps training this sector would do us lot of good in the long run. ‘Leadership, Presentation, Communications, Nation Building Training’ exclusively for politicians. How does that sound? The training could have included sessions on honesty, integrity, moral values, general knowledge, public etiquette etc. but they are beyond the scope of business related trainings at this point, so we focus more on the business DNA in the sphere of politicians and their politics.

Some criteria to attend this course could be as following.
Need to hold a party post of a registered political party in Bangladesh
Need to be in political career for atleast 1 year
Must have clearance from Anti-Corruption Commission
Minimum university graduate
(Some more?)

I have heard that there are specialised PR companies in the west, even in India, who give special training to their politician clients so that they put their best foot (and mouth…and avoid ‘foot in mouth’) forward when they appear in public or on air. I have noticed many politicians who find it hard to distinguish between public speaking in an open field of a gathering of say 10,000 people and in a crowded small room of say 50 people. They keep on giving speech with the same heat, pitch and excitement. Some have no wonder become so used to telling well crafted lies (very much like company CEOs at times?) to buy more time from the general public. This they must have gained without any training, its kind of inherent in the job itself.
However, may be you can think of setting up a unique PR agency in Bangladesh, focusing on these public figures. Teach them a few things on basic etiquettes and communications skills. They were never as fortunate as you were to have attended good business schools. But imagine, your fine skills are being used in a private company, the politicians have the job of running our country…a job thousand times more serious and relevant to all of us…is it not? See how you can put your two cents in that process.


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Nice course, have a nice day.

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