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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

'Whats Up? with Nazim Farhan Choudhury

Nazim Farhan Choudhury participates in the 'Whats Up?' series of email interviews arranged by the Bangladesh Corporate Blog to find out the current snapshots in business activities of Bangladeshi managers, entrepreneurs and executives.

1. How is your business performing during global recession these days?

There are two answers to this. Good and bad. Our advertising business has been hit by the slow down. Clients are cutting back spends. However our graphic services outsourcing business is doing well as more companies are looking for a more value driven proposition for their pre-press solutions.

2. What is the new venture you are looking into now?
Urban door-to-door
Rural activation and distribution
New media strategy and management
Branded content

3. What is your core competitive advantage? Has it remained same or have changed over the last few years?
It has evolved over the last few years. We are basically in the process of moving from being an advertising agency to a complete communications solution provider.

4. Which external factor in the country, economy, market you are concerned with now? How your business plans to tackle it?
A slow down in the garments sector, coupled with the freeze in manpower exports will result in unemployment increasing and thereby affecting the purchasing power of our client’s consumers. That in turn will lead to drop in investments.

We are fast diversifying our offerings so that the value proposition we offer our clients in significant. Instead of going to multiple service providers they can concentrate their relationship will us and as we can manage the entire value chain, we can reduce their investments

5. Do you use any online social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, blogs) to promote your business, yourself? Which ones do you use and how often do you use it?
Yes we do. Some of our newer businesses are on FB (AktiVision, Screaming Girl, Northbrook, amarpotaka, etc) However I must confess; this is really something new for us. Interestingly we now have the capability to manage new media strategy and implementation for our clients.

6. How do you describe your business in one line?
Providing appropriate communication solutions to our clients.

Nazim Farhan Choudhury
Deputy Managing Director


Supriyo Chaudhuri said...

I can see the slowdown affecting the export-facing sectors in Bangladesh, as it is happening world over. However, I am sure this is leading to a fast appreciating dollar and lower cost for buying services from Bangladesh. Farhan indicates that his graphic design business is doing better. I am sure he will also see the opportunity to develop and export some of the other new media capabilities - Web Analytics, Mobile Marketing solutions etc - in the coming days as well. I am sure this will also become important to local business houses in the coming days, which will seek to climb up the global value chain.

A keen purveyor of future trends that he is, I am sure Farhan is positioning his business right for this new market reality.

Anonymous said...

nazim farhann choudury, is he the same guy who owns nazimgarh resort in sylhet?...