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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Soft talks about SoftExpo2012

Anderson: Rob how are you? What’s new?
Robertson: Busy times mate, I am travelling again, this time to Bangladesh next week.

Anderson: Bangla what? And why? What’s happening down there?
Robertson: Bangladesh. They’ve got a software expo coming up next week, supposedly their biggest and getting bigger every year…

Anderson: Software expo? In Bangladesh? I thought they are still exporting what you and I are wearing and a lot of human beings all around the world to build buildings…but software? What drags you in this new thing?
Robertson: That has changed long time ago my friend. This Softexpo thing is going to change a lot of my assumptions too, so I thought why not be there in person to find out.

Anderson: Good then, I know a lot people in Bangalore, they can show you around the companies that can do the thing for you.
Robertson: I am not going to Bangalore, it is Bangladesh, its next to India – a small country, but seem to have some speciality in what they are doing in IT.

Anderson: Oh shit yes I used to think they are one and all the same thing, this Bangla Bangalore thingie…never mind. But why don’t you still stick to the Indian and Vietnamese guys who had been taking care of your back office programming?
Robertson: They’ve done what they were asked to do. But they have climbed up the ladder a bit too much may be. They still do a good job and the cost is OK. But I think the guys in Bangladesh can do a better quality job with the same price. And I somehow liked them when I spoke to them at one of their trade fairs recently…so…

Anderson: Honestly mate, I don’t think they can do the selling as good as some of their competitors in their region. Also, I am not very sure about their infrastructure and know…floods, power cuts, their politics etc. Moreover what we keep reading in the news…you know…wonder if they should stick to what they are good at…curries may be? Hahahaha…(evil grin)
Robertson: Sorry mate, that is what you and I think….are made to what we read…the way it is fed to us….we are businessmen….don’t eat the crap…and rely on the Sun always….if you happen to read that only that is…Bangladesh I think has grown beyond the narrow alleys of Bricklane as we see them…and it does get overshadowed from time to time with bad news, bad weather and bigger bullies around it…but you need to dig deeper to get gold. So I am going to do the digging myself by being there, to listen to what their folks have to say, see their upcoming talents, know more about their offers first hand. I have done my homework by going through their websites, documents and success stories. I need to meet real people now.

Anderson: Well, hats off to your courage mate, make sure you take mosquito repellents and your own booze. I guess I will stick with companies where you get the job done where the fundamentals are very strong – infrastructure, government support, a bit of social life etc. you know….a bit of Bollywood too.
Robertson: I am not a tourist Anders, I am a businessman and I want to reduce my cost but get quality job done. I want to give these guys a try and I will let you know how it goes. How about that? When we speak next, my bottom line may be in a better shape than yours….literally and in both meanings.

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