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Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Life in a ...metro" and in a Bangladeshi corporate

"That is why I always believed that this blog can talk about something which we don't usually talk about in our business newspapers and magazines...", mentioned Shaila (27), working in a leading telecom company of Bangladesh. What Shaila hinted was never aimed at the mushrooming gurus (me too) in the business arena of Bangladesh. Some claim to be brand doctors, some sales specialists, some investment heroes, some this some that, and most of them have their own blog here and there, and they are pretty much reluctant to write to this blog for free, also because they think that there is no branding but self-branding, so no thanks Red & Green!

Shaila and many other's have voiced strong approval for publishing unpublished day to day stories from the corporate life in Bangladesh. Conversations that take place in the smoking zone stairways of Del Vista, over a cup of coffee at Coffee World on way back to home from office, while stuck at the traffic jams in the busy junctions of Gulshan, Mohakhali and Motijheel...let the airy talks take shapes in black and white. So pretty much like the Hindi movie 'Life in a Metro', some real life characters have taken the initiative to talk about some issues you usually don't read in The Financial Express or in the Monthly Brand Forum Magazine, unfortunately they will not be able to publish all these sensitive (and secret?) issues any ways I believe.

I recognize that there are already so many specialists for different streams of business topics i.e. HR, sales, brands, finance many of us actually speak the truth? The truth that is ordered to be confined in the four walls of our working places...the truths that become a part and parcel of our working career, our corporate culture...going unnoticed and unconfirmed. One word of caution though, this will not be any 'Dear Mita' type agony aunt sessions...that "I have fallen in love with my handsome boss or I want to go check out our new hot colleague..please give tips..." etc. Some raw stories perhaps, to unlock some hidden conversations, some favours received, some experiences...all at the place where we work. So stay tuned and watch 'Life in a Corporate... Bangladeshi corporates'.

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