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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

There he goes...goes the job too

Some say he was a great man, he loved to eat, he was always smiling and above all, he was one of the greatest bankers the country has ever produced. Keeping everyone under a state of shock and dismay, Mr. Imran, the CEO and MD of BRAC Bank, passed away nearly a month ago. There was a procession of mourners who gathered who sadly recalled his service, his personality, his friendship and not to mention…his favors. Being a lion-heart leader in a Bangladeshi corporate comes with its share of ‘social’ and ‘familial’ responsibility to create employment opportunities for ‘omuker bhai’, ‘tomuker meye’, ‘shomuker bhaista’ etc. Mr. Imran was perhaps no exception to this leadership birombona. He, during his living time, actively tried to create jobs for many a struggling youth, if not always under the umbrella of BRAC Bank, but under the safeguard of other corporate entities. It is also claimed by his admirers that he gave jobs to those who seeked it, based on their qualification too. So there should be no room left for smelling something fishy there.
However, the mourning of the mourners in BRAC Bank seems to be prolonged even after the sad and untimely demise of the savior in banking armor even after a month. The departure of the godly figure is followed by massive ‘rightsizing’ across BRAC Bank. Now there is no Mr. Imran to create jobs, empower people he knew or who knew him. So the falling tears of the unfortunate employees are made to make a river of misery as they are not only left in the sun without the presence of the messiah, but also left with grim uncertainties in a difficult job market in Bangladesh. Very simple step taken by the management no doubt, ‘to face stiff competition from the market, to realign corporate strategy’ they can always lay some people off. But those who are facing the heat know exactly why they are made redundant. RIP Imran Mama, we hope the people you helped one day are able to find jobs based on their talent again, as many don’t seem to get the right job only because they don’t know anybody like you in person.


Anonymous said...

are you serious!?! Rumi Ali is always the man behind Brac Bank. Ali has better qualifications than Mr. Imran. Rumi Ali was an ex-CEO of StanChart Bangladesh and a string of foreign positions. He came to Brac Bank to control it, even when Mr. Imran was around. Ali is the one that makes all the decisions.

Despite Mr. Imran's death, lets not lie to ourselves and make him something he never was, even out of consideration.

PS: Is Brac Bank really downsizing? How many have been fired? Never heard of it.

Anonymous said...

I am working in one of the biggest private sector corporate commercial bank of the country. I wonder, how Late Mr. Imran became a godly figure out of nowhere. To the best of my knowledge, Mr. Rumi Ali is the main driving force of BRAC Bank (and I know a lot about what is happening in the banking sector trust me.) Mr. Rumi Ali is credited with the hidden charges that the bank charges along with creating brand creation. Late Mr. Imran also had a significant contribution for the advertisements. He was a notocable character that I have to say.

But the main strategy of BRAC Bank which is SME is the core strategy of BRAC NGO itself. But besides that acquiring a leasing company, merchant banking licence, western union money transfer through BRAC NGO POS is all the brainchild of Mr. Rumi Ali. I also didn't hear any downsizing in BRAC Bank!!!

Sattyr said...

Mr. Imran may be your mama not everyone's mama is a godly figure. Brac Bank was always about Rumi Ali, not about anyone else.

You can't simply attribute Brac's success to Mr. Imran even if he managed to convince his bhaigna of his godly importance.

...Unless you are also Rumi Ali's bhaigna (then feel free to talk about this Ali mama all you like)

Anonymous said...

Are U guys Jelous of Late Mr.Imran Rahman. Its ok It Happens