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Thursday, April 12, 2007

No Bag Entry at Indian HC

Some feedback regarding the services at the Indian High Commission Visa Application Center in Dhaka.

Firstly, I should sincerely appreciate the fact that after the introduction of a separate visa processing center, things have become noticeably smoother and easier. No more long queues, no more confusions. The staff are also doing a good job, they are friendly and helpful.

However I have a few observations regarding the entrance at the premises. When I went to collect my passport on 10th April, 2007, around 1700 hours, I was told by the security at the gates that I am not allowed to take my bag inside the premises. I told him since his job is to ensure security he was welcome to check thoroughly inside my bag. He denied and repeated his instructions. I offered him another solution by saying that since there is a counter with boxed shelves, I could leave my bag there. He again responded in the negative and kept on repeating that neither I can take my bag inside, nor I can leave it at the counter. Then I offered him my third solution, by saying that I would be waiting outside WITH my bag and requested him to collect my passport on my behalf instead. He was totally confused and forwarded me to his superior who allowed me to keep my bag at the counter 'for that instance only' and told me not to repeat this in future.

I went to collect my passport on my way back from office and I don't drive a car and I was alone. I wonder how would I collect my passport in such occasions in future.

I hope the Indian HC come up with a realistic and visitor-friendly solution.

1 comment:

Subrata Kumar said...

Last month when i was applying for my visa, one of my collegue informed me not to carry bags to Indian HC. Although i followed on the first day, i totally forgot the next day while collecting my passport. Was wondering what to do with my bag...two women appeared in the scene and offered to keep the bag for time being in exchange of Tk 10. Cautious me! I kept out the valuables and handed over the bag to her...another new service in town...well thought Indian HC! at least few women have been employed...